The Chosen Ones

Marriage Course – Syariah Consultancy

A’s Caterer – Puteri Weddings
A’s Decor – Anggun Decor

Z’s Caterer & Decor – Iss Wedding Designs

Bridal & MUA – Nawwarah Bridal

Bridal Bouquet – Cherriesmitten

Actual Day Photographer – Nafimages
Post Wedding Photographer – Nafimages

Videographer – Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures

A’s Photobooth – Hurhur Paperie
Z’s Photobooth – Pixclique

Kompang – Akrab Kompang

A’s Live Band / Entertainment – Gendang Akustika

A’s Wedding Favours – TWC Inspirations

Wedding Invitations – DIY for both A & Z

Hantaran Trays- EyeSpyLove

Wedding Ring/Band – 

Bunga Pahar –

Wedding Cake –

Henna – Adornedsg

Updated as of 27 April 2016

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