Wait for me, Kolumpo!

I can finally take a little breather at work since it’s the exams period and I just need to get through the markings for now. Phewwww. As of now, I just can’t wait for the Vesak Day weekend because I’ll be heading to my favourite Malaysian city, KL ya’ll! It was decision that my friend, D, and I made, one night, in the spur of the moment. We booked our flights to and fro and the hotel that night itself! Hehe. I figured that I most probably won’t be traveling far out of Singapore (and to new countries) until our honeymoon and the short Hong Kong trip this coming November (for work purposes but it doesn’t count since I’ve been to HK). So short trips to Kolumpo will make up for it. Hehehe. I really can’t wait to……sleep in the hotel hahahaha. But here’s the reason why:


PULLMAN KLCC guyssss. Hehe I love Pullman hotels (with my favourite so far being the one we stayed in Makkah). And since the Pullman KLCC opened in mid-2015, they are relatively new. I really hope it’ll live up to it’s name and standard!

Other than that, I’m looking forward to eating at cafes, being the pretentious hipsters that most of us claim not to be. Hehehe.

Wait for me, Kolumpo!