Here’s a Quick One!

Hello, hello, hello! Hehe. I’ve been so caught up with packing my things at work (my school’s shifting) and attending weddings that I haven’t found the time to blog! I’ll make this a quick one with some updates.

  1. Decor booked! So who did I choose in the end? Make a guess! I’ll update on the decor in the next few entries, InshaAllah! (Clues: drapes and fresh flowers!)
  2. Photobooth booked! I know it’s a tad too early to be booking my photobooth vendor but I figured I wanted everything settled as early as possible to secure the good prices and my date. Anyways, my wedding, my way right? Hehe. (I was quite selective about this (what’s new?) because I wanted photostrips and a real booth-y feeling. Thank god I wasn’t crazy enough to be spending more than a thousand dollars on a photobooth even though the bookmark photostrips are gojesss.)
  3. Thinking of doing a DIY series on this blog since a really good friend of mine and I will be embarking on some sort of a DIY adventure for her upcoming wedding in 2016 InshaAllah. We talked about it briefly and we thought of DIY wedding shoes, money boxes, bridal rooms, gubahan trays, decor and whathaveyous. In fact, she was 1/3 of my Craftfairies for my engagement in September. She’s so crafty! Me, not so much. But I’ve got loads of fancy ideas! Hehe. Tell me what you girls think on this ya!
  4. I’ve finally designed the  invitation cards for my best friend from secondary school. She will be having a simple Solemnization ceremony soon and she (together with her fianc√©) helped to take beautiful photos during The A to Z Engagement so I thought I wanted to do something nice for them. Will be posting photos of the designs InshaAllah and with that said, yes friends, you can start booking me to design your wedding cards! Hehe!
  5. I’m so unhappy with the service and treatment I got from Tampines Printing. Omg rude staff they have! To be honest, I don’t mind that they are a bit on the pricey end of the printing spectrum but for last minute printing jobs (and usually of quality from past experiences) I would always recommend my friends to print stuff here. And I’ve always had good experience with the staff until today. You DO NOT ask someone to change her design to fit your printing criteria. What sort of logic is that? Also, yes I know you guys print in 100s. But I’m sure you can print an extra 5 copies at an additional cost right??? Even if you can’t, there’s no reason to be acting so rude and sassy. Didn’t even bother saying thank you after paying because I was fuming mad. Astaghfirullah. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just a one off event that will not happen again. 

Okay that’s all for now! Gotta sleep in because it’s gonna be another day of packing like siao tomorrow!

Love, A.

The Decor Diaries Part 2: Mata Rambang

So here I am again fussing about wedding decor. Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks too much about wedding decor? I mean, it’s just a one day event, how important can decor be? I wish I could tell myself to just stop bothering with the decor but I cannot. I keep looking at the photos of wedding decor and keep changing my mind. It doesn’t help that I’m very fickle-minded too! 

In any case, I have further shortlisted the wedding decor vendor from my earlier shortlisted vendors for wedding decor. They are: A.nggun Decor and C.omelmolek! I chose them on the basis of  beautiful drapes (duh!), fresh flowers and the ability to bring out elegance in simplicity. Oh and also because they have one of the nicest open concept dais. This is especially important for CCs wedding, I feel. It’s such a waste to not make use of all the empty space on the stage and it bothers me a lot when the pelamin doesn’t fill up the stage. I requested a picture for an open concept  dais from one of the vendors I mentioned here. Let’s just say I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. I guess I just want a simple, clean and elegant look involving drapes and fresh flowers.

Let me share some photos from Malaysian weddings which I really love. Hehe. They are mostly by Flair Designs and Chenta Weddings. No surprises, of course. Hehe. 



This is my personal favourite! But it’s not practical for huge group shots.

So dreamy kan? Now you guys know why I shortlisted AD and CM? Because I believe they can deliver what I want. Hehehe. So excited to meet them next week! ūüėć

Love, A.


Sweet Little Tooth of Mine

People who know me know that I have insatiable cravings for food. My cravings are usually random and specific. In the midst of marking karangan, I can suddenly crave for ayam panggang from NUS canteen. And no, a good ol’ meal consisting of grilled chicken and rice from Bagus won’t do. I must get the one from NUS. Kalah orang berbadan dua. Z gets very stressed out when I get my random cravings because we could be at Woodlands and suddenly I want prata from Saffrons. Hahaha. 

I hardly crave for sweet things though. While I do enjoy eating my desserts, it’s not something that I have to have or else… Which is why it is bugging me like crazy that I have been craving for Icecream, chocolates and cakes. I guess my sweet tooth is finally making an appearance and recently, I’ve been craving for ice cream mochi. OMG I love mochi and I totally borong mochi when I was in Taiwan because those sweet little squishy balls, densely packed with calories, are heavenly. So when Z and I happened to walk by Kane Mochi, I couldn’t resist myself. 

Hehe I was such a happy goober having bought those squishy balls of mochi. (And I guess you can finally put a face to my Theklumsybride moniker hehe.) We had Thai Iced Tea, Strawberry and Chocolate flavoured mochi and I couldn’t pick a favourite because I loved them all!!!! 

Can I have some mochis at my wedding please? I guess it’s a good thing that we got Puteri as our wedding caterer since they are so generous with their desserts! I shall make a mental note to remind Fariq from Puteri to prepare lotsa desserts for Z and I on our wedding day! Hehe. 

Oh these mochis are halal certified from a Thai Islamic organization. There’s a certificate at the shop you can look through it if you want to know more!

Can I have more mochis please? ūüėć

Love, A

The Wedding Caterer


Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah, my parents and I have secured our first vendor for the wedding and it goes none other to the wedding caterer, Puteri Weddings. InshaAllah it will go well!

Next up, photographer and bridal! Hehe. I was so excited to blog about this even though I could combine the entries together but ah, wells.

Things are starting to get exciting! Stay tuned for more! ūüôā

Love, A.

The Decor Diaries Part 1: What a Woe!

First and foremost, I want to thank all those who have commented on previous post and also my friends who dropped me a messaged just to tell me it’s okay to do my research and book appointments with vendors this early. I feel much better now! ūüôā So today, I want to talk about wedding decor. I know some people won’t consider the wedding decor as something of top priority – my mom is definitely one of them. But I’m not those people. From the very beginning when Z and I started planning for the wedding, I knew very well that the wedding decor would be of significance to me. I’ve always loved attending weddings and admiring the beautiful array of fresh flowers, dais and the flowing drapes. Oh, gosh, DRAPES. My weakness has got to be drapes, especially when they are hung from wall to wall, with full ceiling coverage. Heck, I can just browse through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for hours looking at beautiful drapes. I cannot get enough of drapes. Can’t you tell? Hehe.

But alas, drapes come at a hefty price tag. As heavy as the drapes themselves. My heart sinks¬†each time I analyze¬†the catalogues sent by the vendors. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it at all. I decided that it wasn’t after a while, and I was fine settling for the basic decor with no additional, melampau, drapes. Well, I thought I was quite settled by that decision already. Apparently not.¬†Me being the fickle-minded person that I am, I kept swaying from wanting drapes and not caring about drapes. I think my mom got really fed-up that she¬†stopped me from browsing through more pictures. Hehe.

I admit, this whole decor thing has caused me so much distress that I’ve even decided to have my own series just for decor,¬†The Decor Diaries. In this part of the series, I am going to share with you girls the wedding decor companies that I have shortlisted for my wedding. I have set up appointments with some of these companies as of now so we’ll see how it goes when I’ve made my decision.¬†And yes, I’ve decided to go for drapes and the shizz.¬†

Jentayu Wedding Gallery

Now, who doesn’t know of Jentayu right? I love how they pay so much attention to details. To be honest, they are not so big on drapes BUT they have fresh flowers and fresh flowers do just as well for me. Besides, it’s Jentayu,¬†hello?

Their packages don’t come cheap, of course. When I first saw the prices, I think I almost got a heart attack. Poor me. But after looking at the bundles and doing some quick calculations, I actually think they are pretty worth it. I actually like that they collaborate with TWC Inspirations for their wedding favours and wedding invitation cards. What’s not to love about TWC, right? T

Anggun Decor

To me, Anggun Decor has got to be THE vendor that you have to go to if you are crazy for drapes. I am so crazily in love with their decor. I mean, how can I not?? Every single time I attend a wedding that has the privilege to be graced by Anggun Decor, I will hyperventilate.¬†No kidding.¬†Just look at the photo of this very charming open concept dais! I really think Anggun Decor does a marvellous job when it comes to the dais for weddings held at CCs. Don’t you think so?

Comel Molek Wedding Decor

Now, how¬†comel¬†and¬†molek is this dais? I totally love it. Also, it’s in such a sweet shade of pastel and dusty pink – not too overwhelming. I LOVE pink but I never thought of having a total pink wedding because I thought it would be too much (I’m doing my friends a favour, here! Hehe!). But when I saw this, I was sold. Who says I can’t have my pink wedding with DRAPES? I attended a friend’s wedding and when I saw the dais, I knew in a heartbeat that it was done by ComelMolek. Although they are quite new in the industry, as compared to Jentayu, I think they’ve been doing pretty well even though they are not as active and popular on social media as compared to the other popular vendors. And they have nice drapes to beautify their dais’ backdrop. Their prices have increased since the last time I asked them early this year and I was very shocked but I guess, it is bound to happen anyway!

Eternally Yours – Weddings & Events

Now, this one, is another one that stole my heart. Z and I first got to know of Eternally Yours when we visited the wedding expo recently. When I saw their very unique platform/stage, I thought to myself, “Wow, this i something different!” Look at how the platform is covered by white flower petals. It adds a touch of class and extravagance to the whole set up, no?

Z and I spoke for about half an hour with the manager and she nicely explained to us in detail every package they offer. They also make such exclusive wedding gubahan trays. They make use of those clear acrylic boxes which reminds me of those gubahan trays from Malaysian weddings. Come, let me show you an example.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.44.31 pm

Nice right??? Okay maybe the flowers around the trays are a bit much but the ones we saw at Expo were¬†so simple and elegant! So that’s about it. The vendors I’ve shortlisted. Actually, I shortlisted 5 vendors. The last one is RH Bridal but I decided not to include RH Bridal into this post because they have not replied me until now. It’s been more than a month. So, I’m a bit disheartened. But,¬†takpelah.

Now, do you understand how this whole decor thing is causing me such distress? They are all so beautiful and elegant, right? Funnily though, I am taking my time with booking the perfect wedding vendor because I do not want to rush it. I want to make sure that I select the right decor company that’s able to fulfil my requirements for drapes, fresh flowers, details and perhaps, an open concept dais? Well, the quest to clinch the right vendor will continue for now!

As for now, I’ll be booking 3 heavy weight vendors this week, inshaAllah! We have yet to book our photographer because we wanted to think it through after our appointment last week. But actually, we only took 1 minute after the appointment to think through because after we left, we smiled to each other and I knew, Z was sold. He tried to hide it but I know him too well. Hehe. I’ll update on this once we’ve paid the deposits for the 3 heavy weight vendors (photographer, caterer and bridal).

Till then!

Love, A

The First One

Hello, people! Wow I haven’t really been updating. When I first had this blog, I thought I would be updating religiously but I guess not. I’m currently busy marking scripts and scripts¬†of exam papers and gosh, I do not like it one bit. I can’t wait for this whole exam marking to end… It’s a torture to mark 150 scripts of karangan in such a limited time, you know. /exasperated sigh

Just a quick update related to the wedding preparation – we went to the wedding expo over the last weekend and I think nothing really caught my eyes except for the food from the food bazaar. Hehe. Okay la, to be fair I did like the decor from Eternally Yours and they use a lot of fresh flowers, which is a huge attraction point for me. But I guess, I am already drawn to my own choice of vendors whom I have contacted prior to the wedding expo. The expo visit was more for Z to find for himself suitable vendors for the reception at his side since we are doing separate receptions.

Also, Z and I will be meeting our first vendor tomorrow and hopefully all goes well! The first appointment we are making is with a photographer. Of all things! But I guess, it’s highly important for us¬†to have a good photographer for the wedding to capture our beautiful memories, InshaAllah! Can you girls make a guess who our Photographer will be, if all goes well tomorrow? Hehe.

Recently, I’ve been told that I’m making appointments way too early since the wedding won’t be until 2017. I was of course slightly affected. Hey, I’m sensitive by nature, y’know! I questioned¬†myself¬†¬†if it was the right choice to be starting on my research and meetings with vendors so soon but I actually think there’s nothing wrong with it especially since our wedding date is during the peak wedding period. Also, I really don’t want to bother with all the research next year since I foresee myself getting even busier with work. Besides there are already vendors who opened 2017 bookings! No harm starting early right?

Sometimes I feel like I should just keep mum about the whole planning process. But alah, biasalaaaa I get excited too easily. Ah well….

I’ll update again once I’m done with marking!

Love, A

Ideal or Practical Wedding?

Hello, everyone and Salam Aidiladha! May the remaining days of Tashreeq be blessed with ibadah, happy eating and remembrance of Allah, inshaAllah! Aameen!

Many of you would¬†probably be aware by now of the closure of primary and secondary schools today due to worsening haze condition on the evening of 24th September. I was of course, overjoyed when I first saw the news. It was only much later when logic creeped into my mind and I realised, I NEED TO FINISH REVISION WITH MY STUDENTS AND I STILL NEED TO FINISH ORAL. And no guys, we teachers still had to work and there’s just so much administrative stuff that needed (and still needs) to be settled. Now, whoever said teachers have it easy? :p

But that’s besides the point. What I really wanted to blog about was the shock I was greeted with when my dear father cooly said to me this evening that he wants a live band performing traditional music for the wedding. Wait… What? A live band? Did I hear correctly? You know, I¬†am starting to mishear things people say here and there. But just to be sure, I asked him again.

“Abah nak live band perform lagu Melayu asli.”

Yup, I wasn’t mistaken. My old man wants to have traditional Malay music performed by a live band, particularly¬†Orkes Budi. Not that I have anything against that, really. I¬†love traditional Malay music, especially zapin. And I wasn’t really thinking of how it would affect the wedding planning in the economic sense. (Of course I was worried laaa of the costs to be incurred.) Let me explain myself.

The first few times I envisioned my wedding was perhaps a few years ago. Wait of course not. A girl has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a toddler! Hehe. I had two versions of how I wanted my wedding. I have my¬†ideal wedding (grand, fairytale, ala Mariah & Sham-esque) and I have my version of practical wedding which I grew to be so accustomed to that resulted in me brushing aside any thoughts of my ideal wedding. My idea of a practical wedding doesn’t¬†need 1000 guests, nor does it involve any of the fancy frills and fanfare. I didn’t want any wang hantaran nor did I want any gift trays. And I nonchalantly said no to¬†photo booths, live entertainment and all that jazz. Just a simple affair with music played from my own playlist of approved-songs, simple¬†decor and nice-but-doesn’t-burn-the-pockets food, surrounded by family and friends. Senang cakap, a practical wedding won’t need all the unnecessary things la. Because what we want to focus on is the marriage¬†and not the wedding¬†right? Right?¬†Which was why I was slightly apprehensive about having a live traditional band at my wedding.

However, since I started researching for vendors and watching wedding videos, my idea of an ideal wedding started to distort my vision of having a practical wedding. Z, having known¬†me so well, even mentioned that¬†“You can have your grand wedding.” Hahaha wah, this guy is good. But anyways, I have been so caught up with contacting vendors, thinking of the wedding (yes, a bit too early, but I very kiasu mah and most of the vendors I like only have a few slots left!) that I’m starting to forget what I told myself about unnecessary spending. I keep having to remind¬†myself to go back to my intention and¬†niyyat¬†of getting married so that I won’t be swayed by the extra magic touch. But, it’s kinda hard, sometimes. You know? Does anybody experience the same conflicted emotions as me?

I did speak to my parents about the wedding finances and as much as I didn’t want to burden them, I didn’t want to disappoint them and come across as too hard-headed and rude as well. Every father would feel a great sense of responsibility over his children, especially his daughters and mine insisted on funding part of the wedding. I am grateful, of course but I just hope it’s not gonna cause any misunderstanding along the way, inshaAllah.

Anyways since I’m already on the topic of having a live band at my wedding, do you girls have any recommendations for a traditional live band other than Orkes Budi? My father insists on having Orkes Budi because he has watched them played live so if you have any reviews for them, it would be good too! ¬†(I’ve included a video of Orkes Budi and I thought it was quite good! What do you think?) But, my father’s criteria ¬†for a live band are as such:

  1. Not too noisy and messy
  2. Wear traditional clothes
  3. Perform fully traditional music with none in English
  4. Professional

And since my father wants a traditional live band kan, guess what sort of wedding do I want now? A traditional Malay wedding of course! Why not, kan? Just go along with it lah. Anyway I thought it was befitting of me as Malay Language teacher as well to have a traditional Malay wedding with some adat istiadat. 

The pursuit to save wherever I can is still ongoing, though. Don’t worry!


New Kid on the Blog


After much deliberation, I’ve finally made the decision to return to the amazing world of blogging¬†which I’ve been trolling, ever so secretly. I toyed with the idea a bit at the beginning of the year, but was not so serious about actually having one. It was only recently, ever since I resumed stalking Brides-to-be (henceforth shall be known as BTBs) blogs, that I felt the itch to blog again. Blogging is not new to me, but it is¬†something I have not done for ages (among many other things). I was Whatsapping Z over the weekend when I casually dropped the blogging idea and he seemed rather supportive. He even surprised me by suggesting that he might want to contribute. But with what, exactly? He nonchalantly replied, “With my jokes.” Well, that has got to wait for awhile, then. :p I must say though, I am ever so grateful to have Z because he even helped to brainstorm the blog’s name (this is a story for another entry). We really do work great together!

So what brings me here, you may ask. I might have dropped the hint earlier when I mentioned about reading BTBs blogs. Yup, just like every BTB I n the blogosphere, I’m here to document my journey into the world of wedding vendors, wedding gowns, bells and jitters. I’ve always been a Minah Kahwin-kahwin at heart and a part of me had¬†always secretly wanted to do this. So I thought, why not? I also hope to gain insights from the experienced Kakak-kakak (and adik-adik!) Kahwin about matters pertaining to Malay weddings and the likes.

Most importantly though, I don’t intend for this blog to be a Wedding Planning blog solely, but also as a form of keepsake. I want to be able to relish reading my blog ten years down the road, remembering whatever Z and I have had to go through in our early years of being together. As I (not-so-gracefully) age, I have been noticing bouts of forgetfulness (the horror!) here and there and¬†what better way to blatantly remind me of our¬†journey than laying it out for the world to see? Hehe.

So hello world, I’m A, your resident klumsy bride (to be).