Almost Complete (Confessions of a Kiasu Bride)

It feels like ages since I do up a proper blog post that is wedding related. I’ve been so caught up with work lately, all I wanna do when I reach home is to lepak. I used to be able to hang out after work at Bugis but all that energy is almost totally consumed at work now. Or I guess I’m not as energetic as I used to be. 😫

So let’s see, with respect to the wedding, Alhamdulillah, I’ve booked and paid my deposits with most of my major vendors. 

Caterer: P.uteri W.eddings Catering (PWC)

This is my parents’ vendor of choice. My mom, in particular. PWC is a bit on the pricey end of the spectrum for me but I decided to let my parents pick the caterer since most of the guests will be theirs anyways and I know they just want to have a proper function, what with me being the first child to get married and all. So I’ve attended weddings by P.uteri and thought that their spread was pretty good. I love that they have so many desserts! We also booked during the promotion – which means we got a free live station on top of the roti kirai and mee Soto ones. I’m thinking of getting the Vietnamese rolls station but we still have a lot of time to decide. Anyways, liaising with PWC was quite a breeze. They were open to coming over to our place for the meeting and transaction process and was very professional. 

Decor: A.ngg.un Dec.or (AD)

Now, I’ve always dreamed of a dreamy wedding with fresh flowers and drapes aplenty. Which girl doesn’t? My shortlisted  choices were RH, J.entayu, C.omelM.olek and AD and after looking through hundreds of pictures on IG and FB, and attending a few weddings by the different vendors, I finally decided on AD simply because of the drapes and fresh flowers. Kak N and Abang S were very friendly and they have so many ideas to share! Right now, I’m just wondering if I should get the open concept dais…

Photographer: NA.Fimages

Z and I placed great importance on the photographer. In fact, it was the first thing we booked together. Initially we thought of saving and get one of those lower range photographers but after comparing all the photos, we realized how essential a good wedding photographer is. I’ve always liked photos captured by Dyn from – always so dreamy and different from the conventional, cut and paste wedding shots. I managed to convince Z and he fell in love with the photos captured by Dyn as well. We booked the package with post wedding after doing up the calculations and comparing with other companies. Theirs was really value for money! In fact, we even managed to convince our friends to book them for their wedding hehe.😬

Bridal: Nawwar.ah Bridal

I’ve always liked PS  but I knew my hips don’t lie and they won’t be able to fit into their Size 10 outfits. It was really frustrating that they had this size limit because UK12 is not even Plus Size! I was disappointed to say the least and even meddled with the thought of booking with FuzanaMokhtaza since I really love her designs (she quoted us really good prices!). Fate has it that one day I saw this promotion by NB- bookings made within 2015 will get customized outfits at no additional costs (not for keeps) since they are starting out and need to expand their collection. I’ve been following them for quite a while and really like their works and makeup, so apa lagi, I emailed them and asked for quotations. It was within our budget (did we have any at that point of time? Hahaha) so we decided to go ahead and book NB for our wedding. So excited!!!!


  • Bridal Bouquet: Cher.riesmit.ten (booked them during their recent promotion because I am very greedy and want two bouquets for the wedding to match my different outfits HAHAHAHA)
  • Photo booth: P.ixclique (I wanted photostrips but not many offer them or are way too expensive for me. I chanced upon P.ixclique one day and I was intrigued by their Photobooth (it’s a real booth, guys!!!) so decided to book them since they are rather affordable too.)
  • Gubahan: E.yeSpyL.ove (We won’t be having that many dulangs but I also wanted my dulangs to match the theme of my decor. Bridezilla alert – I told Z I wanted the dulangs from the same vendor and said that I’ll take charge of the Dulang booking hahaha. I mean, the Dulang will be at my side for nikah, so it only makes sense that both the dulangs complement my theme, kan? Hahaha menyampah. Anyways, a dear friend of mine has been making wedding gift trays and I actually like how meticulous she is with them. It is of course without a doubt that I had to show her my support and book her for my wedding (but was greeted with a pleasant surprise, Alhamdulillah. Thank you, E.yespyl.ove!!!). So excited for this as well!

So yup, those are the vendors I have booked so far and I’m left with the following:

  1. Henna (booked and placed a deposit with Adornedsg!)
  2. Traditional live band
  3. Wedding cake 
  4. Sireh junjung and bunga pahar
  5. Bunga rampai
  6. Berkat ( booked and placed a deposit with TWC for the custom chocolates in golden tin)
  7. Wedding cards (going to DIY for myself and Z!)
  8. Venue
  9. Videographer – do we need this???
  10. Fabric bouquet (again, because I am greedy)

We also need to decide on what exactly we need to exchange to be placed on the wedding trays. So far, I’ve bought beautiful prayer mats and Al-Quran from Makkah for us but we can’t seem to agree on the other items for now. 😂

So yes, as you can see, I am pretty Kiasu when it comes to wedding planning. I’m not sure if it’s good that I’ve got mostly everything confirmed at such an early stage but I hope it will save me from all the panic later on. I am however quite Mata rambang and after making my deposits, I start to go cray cray for other vendors. Ah, we will never be thankful, will we? 

Here’s hoping that everything will go well, inshaAllah!!

Help! DIY Wedding Cards?

Salam everyone! Just a quick entry because I need help! Where can I print A6/DL sized wedding invitations (which I have designed myself) in Singapore at a reasonable price and good quality? I don’t want to make a trip to JB! 😦 Also, if you know where to get hot stamping or foil printing services, that’ll be great as well!
Thank you in advance, lovelies! 🙂

M&S Bridal Staycation

Salam ladies! Wow, I haven’t been on WordPress for soooo long! So many things have happened but they are not related to the wedding at all. Wedding preparations have been pretty stagnant – undoubtedly so. At the moment, we are a couple of days shy from the two years mark and it’s pretty exciting! Z has also been more involved in his vendor search. It’s nice to see him being more involved with the wedding. Hehe.

Anyway, two of my girlfriends are getting married soon so the girls and I planned a surprise staycation for them.  We booked a room at Marina Mandarin and we were greeted with one of the best views in Singapore.

Here’s our view from the highest floor of Marina Mandarin, with some Fluff Bandung cupcakes to boot!


The bed was pretty comfy too!


I have started drinking coffee (and relying on it!!!) since I started going out with Z, so this was indeed nice to have!


We decorated the room just for M & S!


My favourite girls, missing a few others who came later / could not make it.

These girls are indeed very special to me. We met in NUS and most of us went for the orientation camp organized by NUS Muslim Society and PBMUKS when we were 19 (that was in 2019!!!). We grew close and we call each other the “Fillah Girls” because we aim to grow closer to each other and be better individuals for the sake of Allah. It’s really surreal to see us grow up and entering the next phase in life. I’m really happy for M & S, mashaAllah. They really deserve all the happiness in the world!

Really glad that the bridal party was a success! We definitely had fun stuffing ourselves with food and talking and eating and laughing and all that jazz. It’s hard to meet often now that we are working, so when you put 9 of us  girls (missing 1 of us who was working) in a room together, it can get really kecoh!!

Can’t wait for the wedding in December and January! Hehe. Also, Z and I attended a wedding of a dear friend whom I met in JC and did a few school attachment with together on Saturday. Congrats Nadya & Aman! Really happy for you! Also, I fell heads over heels with the decor!


Look at that pelamin! No prizes for guessing who’s the Decor Vendor!

When I told Z that I got the same vendor for decor, I think the simple guy in him was shocked beyond words. Hehe. Can’t wait to see how mine will materialize when it’s finally our time! InshaAllah all will go well!

Now, it’s time for me to relax a little bit more than usual because it’s the holidays, guys! Hehe.

Here’s to more wedding weekends before I fly off! Till then!

Love, A

Here’s a Quick One!

Hello, hello, hello! Hehe. I’ve been so caught up with packing my things at work (my school’s shifting) and attending weddings that I haven’t found the time to blog! I’ll make this a quick one with some updates.

  1. Decor booked! So who did I choose in the end? Make a guess! I’ll update on the decor in the next few entries, InshaAllah! (Clues: drapes and fresh flowers!)
  2. Photobooth booked! I know it’s a tad too early to be booking my photobooth vendor but I figured I wanted everything settled as early as possible to secure the good prices and my date. Anyways, my wedding, my way right? Hehe. (I was quite selective about this (what’s new?) because I wanted photostrips and a real booth-y feeling. Thank god I wasn’t crazy enough to be spending more than a thousand dollars on a photobooth even though the bookmark photostrips are gojesss.)
  3. Thinking of doing a DIY series on this blog since a really good friend of mine and I will be embarking on some sort of a DIY adventure for her upcoming wedding in 2016 InshaAllah. We talked about it briefly and we thought of DIY wedding shoes, money boxes, bridal rooms, gubahan trays, decor and whathaveyous. In fact, she was 1/3 of my Craftfairies for my engagement in September. She’s so crafty! Me, not so much. But I’ve got loads of fancy ideas! Hehe. Tell me what you girls think on this ya!
  4. I’ve finally designed the  invitation cards for my best friend from secondary school. She will be having a simple Solemnization ceremony soon and she (together with her fiancé) helped to take beautiful photos during The A to Z Engagement so I thought I wanted to do something nice for them. Will be posting photos of the designs InshaAllah and with that said, yes friends, you can start booking me to design your wedding cards! Hehe!
  5. I’m so unhappy with the service and treatment I got from Tampines Printing. Omg rude staff they have! To be honest, I don’t mind that they are a bit on the pricey end of the printing spectrum but for last minute printing jobs (and usually of quality from past experiences) I would always recommend my friends to print stuff here. And I’ve always had good experience with the staff until today. You DO NOT ask someone to change her design to fit your printing criteria. What sort of logic is that? Also, yes I know you guys print in 100s. But I’m sure you can print an extra 5 copies at an additional cost right??? Even if you can’t, there’s no reason to be acting so rude and sassy. Didn’t even bother saying thank you after paying because I was fuming mad. Astaghfirullah. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just a one off event that will not happen again. 

Okay that’s all for now! Gotta sleep in because it’s gonna be another day of packing like siao tomorrow!

Love, A.

The Decor Diaries Part 2: Mata Rambang

So here I am again fussing about wedding decor. Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks too much about wedding decor? I mean, it’s just a one day event, how important can decor be? I wish I could tell myself to just stop bothering with the decor but I cannot. I keep looking at the photos of wedding decor and keep changing my mind. It doesn’t help that I’m very fickle-minded too! 

In any case, I have further shortlisted the wedding decor vendor from my earlier shortlisted vendors for wedding decor. They are: A.nggun Decor and C.omelmolek! I chose them on the basis of  beautiful drapes (duh!), fresh flowers and the ability to bring out elegance in simplicity. Oh and also because they have one of the nicest open concept dais. This is especially important for CCs wedding, I feel. It’s such a waste to not make use of all the empty space on the stage and it bothers me a lot when the pelamin doesn’t fill up the stage. I requested a picture for an open concept  dais from one of the vendors I mentioned here. Let’s just say I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. I guess I just want a simple, clean and elegant look involving drapes and fresh flowers.

Let me share some photos from Malaysian weddings which I really love. Hehe. They are mostly by Flair Designs and Chenta Weddings. No surprises, of course. Hehe. 



This is my personal favourite! But it’s not practical for huge group shots.

So dreamy kan? Now you guys know why I shortlisted AD and CM? Because I believe they can deliver what I want. Hehehe. So excited to meet them next week! 😍

Love, A.


Sweet Little Tooth of Mine

People who know me know that I have insatiable cravings for food. My cravings are usually random and specific. In the midst of marking karangan, I can suddenly crave for ayam panggang from NUS canteen. And no, a good ol’ meal consisting of grilled chicken and rice from Bagus won’t do. I must get the one from NUS. Kalah orang berbadan dua. Z gets very stressed out when I get my random cravings because we could be at Woodlands and suddenly I want prata from Saffrons. Hahaha. 

I hardly crave for sweet things though. While I do enjoy eating my desserts, it’s not something that I have to have or else… Which is why it is bugging me like crazy that I have been craving for Icecream, chocolates and cakes. I guess my sweet tooth is finally making an appearance and recently, I’ve been craving for ice cream mochi. OMG I love mochi and I totally borong mochi when I was in Taiwan because those sweet little squishy balls, densely packed with calories, are heavenly. So when Z and I happened to walk by Kane Mochi, I couldn’t resist myself. 

Hehe I was such a happy goober having bought those squishy balls of mochi. (And I guess you can finally put a face to my Theklumsybride moniker hehe.) We had Thai Iced Tea, Strawberry and Chocolate flavoured mochi and I couldn’t pick a favourite because I loved them all!!!! 

Can I have some mochis at my wedding please? I guess it’s a good thing that we got Puteri as our wedding caterer since they are so generous with their desserts! I shall make a mental note to remind Fariq from Puteri to prepare lotsa desserts for Z and I on our wedding day! Hehe. 

Oh these mochis are halal certified from a Thai Islamic organization. There’s a certificate at the shop you can look through it if you want to know more!

Can I have more mochis please? 😍

Love, A

The Wedding Caterer


Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah, my parents and I have secured our first vendor for the wedding and it goes none other to the wedding caterer, Puteri Weddings. InshaAllah it will go well!

Next up, photographer and bridal! Hehe. I was so excited to blog about this even though I could combine the entries together but ah, wells.

Things are starting to get exciting! Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Love, A.