The A to Z Engagement (Part 2)

Hiiiii! I’m back and I decided to blog despite still feeling very sick. I figured if I didn’t do it any sooner, this update about the engagement will never see daylight. Hehe. Also, I have not been doing much since I’m sick and all cooped up at home since Z and I got engaged last Sunday. Poor me.

But before I go on about the engagement process, allow me to rant about my woes as a sick-baru-tunang-girl. I cannot believe I’ve been sick for 3 days since Sunday. I initially thought I was going to spend my days post-engagement happy as a bird. But no, apparently, I’ve been a sick bird for the past three days. Lucky for me though, it’s the September holidays (yes, yes, I’m a teacher. I think I’m slowly revealing my identity both knowingly and unknowingly so if you happen to know me, um, diam-diam je lah eh. Hehe.) so I thought I could save some money from visiting the doctor and just take in whatever medications I have at home. Lo and behold, I got a message from my ARO (whatever that means) that I’m deployed for the big Singapore event ahead. I was groggy when I read the message but I thought it was not possible since I was not sent for training although I’m a reserve. So, after snoozing for a good 20 minutes, I read the message again (yup, it was there alright). I informed my ARO of my predicament and while they have found a replacement for me, I now need to go to the clinic just in case. But then again, I’m not feeling any better and my fever seems to not be going away so I better go to the clinic. Ah well, Okay enough about my sick self.

So where was I? Oh yes, The A to Z Engagement. So up till last Saturday, I was still not done with many things. Inilah parahnya nak buat semua secara D-I-Y. Z and I were all over Tampines to run some errands like printing the dulang tags, buying flowers and entertaining me (hehe). After satisfying my craving for good ol’ prata and sambal from Saffrons (I love that place), we rushed to get flowers from GG Flowers. We came just in time before the delivery man drove off and managed to get the flowers delivered to my place in Woodlands. All I could think then was Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah. I wouldn’t want to carry so many flowers in 168 from Tampines all the way to Woodlands, y’know? We then proceeded to Century Square to print the label tags. Here’s the thing – I thought I own a pretty good laser printer and didn’t need to send the tags for printing but my pretty good laser printer ran out of ink the colours turned out pale and ugly. I also realised I forgot to combine them tags into an A3 or A4 canvas. I initially wanted to go to Sunshine Plaza, the holy grail of printing all printing services but I didn’t want to be running all over Singapore just for this and thought it was best to go for convenience and quality. As such, I chose Tampines Printing Services as I’ve engaged their services back then in my undergrad days. It’s slightly more pricey but the good quality (and service) is undeniable. That’s not all though. I still had to finish up the bunga rampai cones, hand-tied bouquet, gift trays and clean my room so Z and I couldn’t really spend much time on Saturday. 😦 I left him to run his own errands and have some time with his friends (maklumlah, dah nak jadi tunang orang hehe). 


Fruit basket for Z

Sunday saw me jolting out of bed early to finish up the fruit basket with my mother. I must say, we did a pretty good job! My father and brother, assisted by my cousin, drove over to CCK to collect the cakes and gubahan for gift trays while food from Aspirasi Catering arrived on the dot at 11.30 am. My craft fairies arrived around 11 am to help me with my room’s decor and gift trays and by 1 pm I had to drag myself to get ready and do my makeup. I decided not to get any MUA as I didn’t want anything too overwhelming. I think I did a pretty good job, but not without some help of course. My friend, who is also Z’s friend’s fiancée helped with the eye makeup because I’m hopeless when it comes to eye makeup hehe. After that, all I could remember was taking too many photos and not being able to sit still. I wasn’t nervous. I just cannot sit still. Hehe. The discussion between the two families happened really quickly because before I knew it, the cincin was on its way to my room. I thought, wow. So much fuss and preparation for something that happened and ended so quickly. Is that how our wedding will be, too? :/

However, I do remember how my friends were such sweethearts offering help, advice and words of encouragement. I remember how my friend, A (together with her fiance) sacrificed their Sunday to take photos for me. I also cannot be more thankful for the pulut kuning, berkat for kids, fruits, food and cake which my aunts, uncles and cousins gave us for the event. I remember how my mother ran here and there to buy things for the event to make sure that it will be complete and sempurna. I remember how my father agreed to all my whims and fancies and quietly supported me since Day 1. I cannot deny how sweet of my sister when she helped to clean up the house, entertain my friends and guests and kept took it all in when I went on a panic frenzy. And I will never forget how Z was patiently by my side, coaxing me and all when I made a big fuss because I couldn’t complete the things I set out to do.

Really, alhamdulillah for everything and thank you, everyone for having been a part of The A to Z Engagement. 🙂 Now, let me show you more photos of the event. I was particularly in love with my room’s decor and my friends mentioned how it was just the right mix of sweet and dreamy. Hehe.

Flower pom-poms at my window!

Flower pom-poms for my backdrop. I added two more on the sides.

Paper pin wheels as backdrop and the brownies and cake for Z

Hydrangea, spray roses, Kenyan roses for my DIY bouquet

The details on my shawl hehe

One of my Craft fairy did the design on the chalkboard for me and I love it!

I hope these pictures are enough! Hehe. I really like how everything was simple and in order, alhamdulillah! There were a few things which I was probably not too happy with but on hindsight, it didn’t matter much so I cannot be too bothered. Hehe. As of now, we have already started to e-mail a few vendors, mostly photographers and videographers. We have an appointment coming up with a photographer in October and I’m quite excited because both Z and I love the photos by this particular photographer! But on more serious note, our BTO selection is in about a week’s time and I hope we get the unit that we want! Pray for us okay!

Till the next update, inshaAllah!


Why I’m Not Cut Out for D-I-Y

Hello, it’s me again! I’ve been updating rather regularly, haven’t I? *pats myself on the back* However, today, I’m here bearing some bad news: I am not good at D-I-Y. No, in fact, I’m horrible at it. Remember how I said I wanted to D-I-Y a list of items for my engagement? I had so many plans and I bought so many materials but I just can’t Do-It-Myself for nuts. If you ask me to go crazy at a supplies store like Spotlight or Popular, I can deal with that. No, I’m actually good at wasting time and money buying supplies heve. But to actually execute my D-I-Y plans, na-uh. I just don’t have the patience and creativity for it. I usually end up frustrated and giving up because I just can’t things right. Whatever I started will eventually cease to see daylight ever again. On top of that, I have a short attention span. I get bored after a while and start to distract myself with other things. It’s really difficult for me. 😦

But enough of wallowing in self-pity, let me share with you the list of things I wanted to D-I-Y.

  • Fruit basket
  • Gift tray for Z’s watch
  • Tissue paper flower pompoms as a backdrop for my makeshift photo booth at my balcony
  • Paper flower fans to add pop of colours in my room
  • Paper cones for bunga rampai
  • Ribbon garlands to put somewhere
  • A tiny desserts corner for the kuih-muih and brownies

The Inspiration

I’ve been stalking Pinterest and D-I-Y blogs for the longest time to search for ideas for my D-I-Y project. I roughly know what I wanted and I was pretty ambitious about it. I even watched tutorials on Youtube and thought that most of them were pretty easy to do. Plus, most blogs promised the manageability of the projects so I thought I could handle them all on my own. Boy, was I wrong about that. I cannot do so many things on my own. I just can’t.

Now, let me share with you what I had in mind.

Doily paper cone from Mazel Moments

Flower pompoms and honeycomb balls

Scattered Flowers Backdrop from Lovely Indeed

Ribbon garland from Southern Weddings

Hand tie floral bouquet with hydrangeas, roses, dahlias and spray roses from Aldena Frye

Mason jar wrapped with twine just because it’s pretty

These projects look simple enough right? Apparently not for me! Let’s see how I’ve fared so far…

My D-I-Y Project


Naturally, after seeing all the pretty D-I-Y projects I could do, I got very excited. I bought a few rolls of ribbons, twine and tissue/crepe paper from Minton Ribbons and made a trip to Daiso at IMM to get some plastic flowers and other miscellaneous stuff I don’t need from Daiso hehe. So far, I’ve only tried to decorate the basket for fruits. I got the basket from Xpressionflowers at Causeway Point for just $12.90 which is cheaper tHan the ones Z and I saw at Arab Street (those were about $15 – $22). I was so happy I found the basket at Causeway Point because firstly, I don’t have to lug it in the train and secondly, I’ve been delaying the purchase of basket for a while now.

image image

So I added the Daiso flowers but it still looks a bit bare  and I got bored and tired after some time so I left it at that. The flowers in the basket are actually my oversized flower brooches which I used to be a big fan of once upon a time. They have been hanging on a piece of twine near my dressing table as part of my room decor and finally, I have a use for them again. Apart for the basket, I did try making the tissue pompoms but it ended in the wastepaper basket and I did a trial hand tie floral bouquet but I wasn’t much of a fan of that.

Luckily for me, I have very trusty friends, who are my Craft Fairies (a name they gave  themselves hahaha) and they will be helping me out this Friday since it’s a holiday for me. Yay for holiday and yay for creative and crafty friends! Thank goodness! I almost thought I had to give up my dream of my own D-I-Y project due to my ineptitude at being crafty hehe. Actuallybeing a control freak, I might end up doing something and maybe, just maybe, I’ll end being very good at D-I-Y. Who knows?

In other engagement-related news, 6th September is drawing near. And I think I might actually be pretty chill (and excited) about it although I’m starting to get nervy. I asked Z about his feelings for our engagement and he too feels a mixture of excitement and nervousness. To be honest, we never thought this engagement was going to end up being (a rather) big affair. We wanted a simple one, with our immediate family members and no food catering and all that. Z doesn’t like the attention to be on him while I claim to not like attention, maybe slightly less than he does. But after we told our parents, I guess our wish to have it done simply has to be placed aside. It’s okay though. The silver lining is that we get to gather our family, friends and relatives together in one majlis and that’s pretty cool. I haven’t met some of my friends since our Raya gathering and I miss them. So, I sincerely cannot wait for this Sunday! InshaAllah everything goes well! Aamiin!

It’s time for bed now! I’ll probably update with my D-I-Y project before the engagement just to keep track of the progress. Have a good week, everyone! 🙂

Love, A

Wish I Had Known

This is going to be a lengthy post, but before I begin my post proper, I just wanted to direct your attention to my new header. Isn’t it pretty? I love pink and I love flowers (peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea, daisies, roses, you name it – I love them all!) which explains the design. I was finally able to find time to whip something up since I was already designing the tray tags for Z’s dulangs (the ones he is giving to me). I knew if I didn’t do it, this blog will probably go header-less for a long, long time. Heh.

So where was I… Oh, yes. I was just talking to Z and calling him my boyfriend when I was hit with the realisation that I will be boyfriendless in less than two weeks time. Of course it’s not a big thing considering that we’re only getting engaged but it’s still something quite overwhelming for us. I guess we never expected our engagement to happen so soon, but then again, Alhamdulillah. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude because if you were to ask me this time last year, I could not imagine myself getting engaged in 2015. But that’s probably a story for another entry!

What I really wanted to talk about is that I never thought planning this whole engagement event was going to be quite the headache. Wish I had known earlier… I thought I was pretty chill to begin with but who am I kidding, really? I’ve always been a control freak. Hehe. There have been minor disagreements here and there in the household but I’m glad we’ve been able to resolve our differences pretty fast. One thing I learn from this whole planning is that, be it your engagement or your wedding, it’s not going to be solely your event. I have to keep reminding myself that my parents, siblings, aunties and uncles have a say in this too. Being the first child in the family to get engaged also means that it’s something new for my parents and they must be excited and nervous too. My mom and I may have conflicting opinions but sometimes, I cannot expect to get everything to be done my way. What is for sure though, I am more than thankful that my parents are willing to offer more than just a helping hand in planning and managing this whole majlis. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

imageSomething else that is tunang-related, I finally collected the dulangs for the gift trays. I got them second-hand from Carousell (have I told you that I’m addicted to Carousell?) and the lady was sweet enough to throw in some extra dulangs at no additional price. (Looks like these dulangs will be passed down to my siblings when it’s their turn!) I’ll be DIY-ing my dulang but there’s nothing much to do since I’m borrowing some ready-made styrofoam bases from a friend and most of the food items for gubahan are already pre-packed and pre-designed. Let me share with you the items that I will be giving to Z. They are:

  1. SEIKO solar watch
  2. Cupcakes which my mom ordered from PerfectFrosting
  3. Buttercream cake from Thegreenspatula
  4. Talam Berlauk which my mom ordered from her FB contact
  5. My aunt’s famous pulut kuning (yay!)
  6. Brownies from Shubby Sweets Parlour
  7. Fruit basket

As you can see, nothing much to decorate except for the watch tray and fruit basket. I bought some ribbons for this purpose and I went crazy buying ribbons from Minton Ribbons at Arab Street. I love ribbons! I also bought coloured tissue because my angan-angan was to make flower pom poms and hang it up in my room to add some colour. I will also be DIY-ing the bunga rampai casing and get this, my bouquet. Yes, a freaking fresh flower hand tied bouquet. I’m not sure how I’m going to find the time to do all this but I’m happy I have friends who are such angels! They have offered to help me out in getting things in order, for a lot of thing such as photographing the whole event, helping out with the DIY stuff, help to run errands for me, baking the gubahan cake and just hearing me out as I talk about the engagement. All I can say is, Alhamdulillah . If any of you are reading this, I just want you girls to know that I love you lillahi ta’ala. Oh and my sister too lahh for being such a sweetheart and helping me with designing some stuff.

And before I go (my Macbook is dangerously running on 5% battery power now…hehe), I’m also happy that we are able to get Aspirasi Catering for the catered food. They are so easy to communicate with and they are very helpful and prompt in their replies. All that’s left is gobble up the yummy food on the 6th of September! Hehe.

Okay I should go now. I’ll be back soon!

Love, A

What a Klutz!

Phew! I survived my first entry and here I am doing a celebratory dance! (Kidding, I’m typing this while on the MRT. How convenient are smart phones??) Well, the reason why I said “survive” is because I have major issues with anything that requires me to religiously spend time on. That’s why I don’t have a particular hobby. I have many interests here and there but after awhile I end up putting it aside, in my treasure trove of forgotten semangat dua minithangat-hangat tahi ayam hobbies.

Oopsy, daisy!That’s besides the point. The point is, I wanted to blog about the reason behind the chosen blog name. So why Ourklumsyride? Well, being very macam paham, I, of course, wanted something funny, something that shows I am a witty person although I am actually faaaar from that. So I thought of “The Klumsy Apprentice” initially because firstly, I’m a huge klutz. Trust me, I cannot go a day without tripping over myself, or dropping things through my butterfingers. Z likes to make fun of my clumsy self but it has now become a norm for him that he doesn’t laugh at me anymore when it happens. Say, whaaat? I was of course hurt that he didn’t find it funny (but whenever he laughs at me, I will be annoyed. Girls are complicated like that. Heh!). Secondly, I decided on apprentice because well, I’m only starting on this journey so you can say I’m somewhat a beginner, but that would apply to all BTBs, right? So I suggested the name to Z and I guess he was feeling it because he said “Yes! Something along the witty line!” (See, he is just as macam paham as me!) So we brainstormed further until we got The Klumsy Bride and somehow from there, Z suggested Ourklumsyride to which I thought was spot on since I wanted this blog to be about us and not just about me. Also, since Z rides, it makes the name more apt!

So there you go! Ourklumsyride presenting the future klumsy bride and the g(V)room (a groom that rides a bike, get it?) Hehehehe. Let’s just hope I won’t trip or fall on my big day! Now, what’s exactly in store for the both of us? Well, it’s 12 days to our engagement and I think I’m already showing signs of a bridezilla. I have to keep telling myself to just chiiiiilllll, dude. More on the engagement later, I’ve got to go!

Love, A