A Brief Update

Gonna squeeze some time for a brief update cos I can finally heave a sigh of relief and syukur now that we have finally settled the venue for my side alhamdulillah! The anxiety leading up to balloting results made me panic and I felt unsettled so many times. I also couldn’t proceed with our wedding invites because we were neither here nor there. Venue was the only thing we needed to settle but not having settled it put our preparations to a momentary halt which I hated because I just wanted to keep moving and ticking everything off our list. Yes, I’m very impatient like that.

But yes, alhamdulillah! The whole venue issue created series of drama moments at home man! It was truly a battle – tears were shed and pain was involved when we were turned away one by one by the various CCs around Woodlands and Yishun. I remember frantically calling and emailing CCs all over Singapore just to have a back up plan in case we didn’t get the venue of our choice. Anyways, now that we’ve got the venue settled, I can finally start thinking about my decor hehe!

We’ve already met up with our bridal to discuss about our outfits – Zubi was very pleasant, welcoming and forthcoming. I had thought that I came prepared but apparently not since I’m pretty fickle and changed my mind even during the discussion. Being rambang mata, I kept having to search for more pictures and kept changing my mind there and then. I’m not saying that it wasn’t a fruitful discussion – we did eventually decide on our colours and designs but in retrospect, I could have been more prepared! Point to note before I meet Kak Nyta to disuss the decor next month or so.

Last update: we decided to replace one of our vendors as my dad had a change of heart. I’ve yet to update my previous vendor for this department so More on this in the upcoming entry.