A Cordial Invitation

Wow, it certainly has been ages since I last updated this blog of mine! I’ve really been so caught up with a lot of things – planning, preparing, executing. None of which had anything to do with our wedding. Heh. I never thought I’d actually be this chill at this stage but I shouldn’t be too quick in saying so. I certainly did have a few bridezilla moments. But really girls…


Of course, it’s not like we didn’t accomplish anything at all. We did strike off a few items from our checklist. Some quick updates:-

  1. Buy our matrimonial bed – We happened to be at Expo one day and lo and behold, there was a furniture fair! We managed to get a bed and mattress that both of us agreed to (didn’t think getting a bed could be so difficult!) and we liked that it can be delivered as and when we like as long as we give them 3-4 weeks notice!
  2. Buy wedding band & mahar – I’m getting two rings! Yes two. Hehe. As we both agreed to no monetary form of gift / hantaran, my dear kind-hearted Z decided I could get two rings hehe. Alhamdulillah! We opted to get rose gold for both the wedding band and mahar. We managed to get both rings on the same day (we were just supposed to survey for them but ended up buying them because you know, I’m a bit impatient like that. But good la cos my mahar takes 6 months to be ready since it’s customized) from Goldheart and Love & Co. at Tampines Mall. Service from both stores was great – extra mention for Love & Co. for a personalised service! They even served us tea and biscuits! Extra happy with the ring Z got me from Love & Co. too! 🙂 No pictures until the actual day!
  3. Book airplane tickets & accommodation for our mini honeymoon – Finally made time for this. We decided to go with SilkAir instead of JetStar or Tiger since the prices for budget airline add up to be about the same. So why not, right? I’m having second thoughts about the resort we’ve booked but I guess I’ll think about that later…

Yup, that’s about it. Z mentioned how everything had nothing to do with the actual wedding but rather life after wedding but then again, the marriage is what matters most right? 🙂

Anyways, I’m  currently at the ideation stage for our wedding invitations. I had wanted the ever ubiquitous floral theme initially but I’m now starting to go for something more minimalist and classic. Or a mix of both because I still love flowers. Like so:

They are so pretty! I spend hours scouring Pinterest for ideas and it doesn’t help at all! I just keep changing what I want. I can’t even decide the size that I want for the card. A6 is definitely too small and I have mixed feelings for DL – it’s neither here nor there. A square card is cute too! Gah! And I’ve got ideas to include envelope liners and all but really, I’ve got no time for that so I guess I’ll just reserve that for the special ones and the ones whom I know will not chuck my invitation card aside. Hehe.

Also, I was supposed to start on the card over this long weekend but hey, it’s almost ending! I obviously didn’t do anything about it… And the next time I can finally start on the card is in two weeks time because my dear friend is getting married and duty calls for this bridesmaid!

Maybe I shouldn’t be too ambitious and just, you know, get someone to do the card for me?

Oh the dilemma!






4 thoughts on “A Cordial Invitation

  1. Hey babe, I won’t be having cash hantaran also so am wondering if we should go for two rings like you did hehehe. At first I was thinking the mahar + wedding ring can be the same, but now I also feel gatal and wondering whether to have two different designs… I love rings more than any other jewelry!


  2. Ahhh alhamdulillah that both parties agreed on no hantaran! I wanted that too, but I think my family had certain expectations… alhamdulillah both parties were agreeable, that’s what matters most. Anyway, where’s the honeymoon destination? ^.^


    • Alhamdulillah! And yes, it’s important for both parties to agree to it. It didn’t come without a tough fight though! Hehe InshaAllah we will be heading to Phuket! Can’t go anywhere far during the September hols! 😦


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