Bothering My Bridesmaids Part 1

Bridesmaids are all the rage these days that it is not uncommon to see a whole bridal entourage in matchy outfits. Bridesmaids actually play a functional role (or roles) in a wedding, in spite popular beliefs that most them are around to tangkap jambu/glamour. For me, I know I need my bridesmaids around to calm me down and help me around when help is in need. I have taken proper care and thought in selecting my bridesmaids and I know I NEED to choose my closest friends to be my bridesmaids. No questions asked. 

Now, based on my past experiences, I believe that it’s important that your bridesmaids are someone you’re close to and not just anyone you know like your sister’s friend whom you just met or a friend you  got acquainted with via your boyfriend  and have only known for some time or you chose her just because her boyfriend will be your future husband’s groomsmen too so it’ll look good that everybody will be in pairs. I’ve been and will be in that situation and to be honest, I just don’t quite like it because my heart’s just not into it. I want to be able to carry out my role sincerely and not reluctantly and begrudgingly. Of course, my opinions are open to contention but to each her own. 

I understand how you can click with someone almost instantly and become the best of friends but now that I’m 26, it’s getting harder and harder for that to happen. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I can be a little bit less than lukewarm in real life and I don’t readily accept someone new in my life. As for now, I’m comfortable and contented with the few good friends (and even fewer very good/best friends) that I keep close to my heart. 

So basically, I chose my bridesmaids based on the following:

  • Someone I’m very close to and have known for over two years
  • Someone I can trust
  • Someone I’ve traveled with at least once (this is important because if that person can travel with me, it means she knows my quirks and how annoying I am pretty well hahaha)
  • Girls from various and important stages in my life namely high school, university days, AAM days and in the beginning of my career

So with that, I’ve shortlisted 6 very beautiful and awesome girls and I know I cannot choose any other. I can’t wait to introduce them soon (and start bothering them more hehe). Meanwhile, it’s time to research for the bridesmaid packages that I’ll be doing and the dresses that my girls will be twirling in. Exciting!

Also, I’ve just booked our 4D3N stay at a really pretty 5* resort somewhere both Z and I have never been to for our short honeymoon in September. We unanimously agreed that this short trip should be a quiet one with a sea view (Z loves the sea more than I do – I’m very much a cities and mountains kinda person) before we embark on the bigger and even more exciting trip in December 2017. Also, we can’t possibly be staying in multiple 5* hotels in Europe so this has got to be one of the few times we can do it hahaha.

Till then!