One Year Countdown

I’m finally back blogging after a long hiatus! And with good news at that – we are down to a year till our solemnization! Yes guys, one more year. It’s a mixture of emotions all of a sudden – panicky yet thrilling, excited yet afraid. We have been relaxing for way too long so now that we have finally hit the one year countdown mark, things are starting to get more serious. (Just an update that our nikah will be on 5th August 2017 while the sanding on 26th August – our major and required vendors are all available for both dates, Alhamdulillah. We decided not to find separate photographers or Mak andam for the solemnization because adding extra hours from our current vendors will still be cheaper than getting new ones even if we take the less popular vendors.)

Coincidentally, we will be attending our marriage workshop this weekend. It’ll be conducted by Syariah Consultancy and held at Masjid An-Nur since it’s more convenient for me. We chose Syariah Consultance because we wanted something that is more islamically inclined – it’s our personal preference! I guess it only adds on to the seriousness. 

I’ll be back with reviews on the course. Till then, pray for us!