Duckscarves Addiction!

Hi! I’m A and I’m a Duckscarves Addict!

Yup, you read that right. I love dUCkscarves and I cannot get enough of them. I don’t care if you’re gonna tell me (or speak behind me) that I spend too much money on just a piece of cloth that I can easily get from Geylang for $5 or that I only have one head so I don’t need to spend ludicrous amount of money on something just for modesty’s sake or that I base my happiness on something so material. Yes, because I just love it when I receive parcels with the now almost ubiquitous purple boxes (or when I’m lucky enough, the beautifully illustrated Limited Edition boxes), untying the ribbons and reading the postcards from D. And then when I get to put them on so nicely (and still with great coverage) because I’ve finally perfected the art of styling the duckscarves, I smile to myself because all these make me immensely happy. Even more so when I get to wear them to Badoque as seen below.

My favourite range of duckscarves other than their limited edition ones would be the Satin Silk ones. I also love the new versions of mixed crepe and georgette and can’t pick a favourite between the two. The materials are so soft yet very terletak when you’ve put them on. I love how the scarves are so carefully packed in their respective boxes, tied with a cute ribbon no less. I mean, can you imagine the amount of work goes into just packing them? It may sound like such a menial task at this day and age but D never fails to make it look so exciting through her Instagram page. Just look at their wonderful feed:

To date, I don’t know how many duckscarves I have collected since I gave away some of the basic boxes as gift boxes because they are taking so much space (read: The duck boxes make such cute gift boxes. If you’re feeling generous, the scarves themselves make such cute presents for your best girlfriend! 

I really hope that duck won’t be like one of those brands that will disappear after a while because gosh, I need to collect them all!! Hehehe. Coincidentally, it was their second birthday yesterday! 

Anyone else has a duck addition like me? 😍


3 thoughts on “Duckscarves Addiction!

  1. Is it possible to post on how to style the satin silk ones. I’m having trouble styling it since it is so slippery.


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