Panic! At the Disko

If you know me, you should know by now that I’ve been pretty chill with the whole wedding planning because I’ve more or less settled the vendors for my side of the reception. Also, I had 500 plus days to go till the wedding so it really left me with nothing much to do for the rest of this year. Boring, I know. But notice it’s all in past tense because we effectively just cut down the waiting game by a full 90 days! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are bringing forth the wedding to an earlier date. Alhamdulillah!

I never thought this could happen to me because I thought we were pretty set with the date and all. There were talks about bringing the wedding to an earlier date between Z and I but we didn’t really put in conscientious effort to bring it up to our parents because we thought they might not approve.

Also, I’m not gonna lie – the challenges of being an engaged couple can really get to us sometimes. It’s really mind-boggling how the tiniest of issue can cause such an uproar. Also, being human, emotions such as envy and jealousy are no stranger to us. While I am happy to know of friends who are getting married earlier and I cannot contain my excitement when my friends break news about having a bun in the oven, I can’t stop myself from feeling envious because I wanna get married  and have babies too but I can’t because there’s still 500+++ days to go.

But I’m okay, trust me. Z and I believe that whatever’s meant to be, will be and there is certainly hikmah in us getting married slightly over two years from being engaged. Also, this particular Facebook post by Ustaz Mizi made me feel so much better about it.

Being delayed is a blessing, it happens so that you could be better prepared for what’s to come.

It’s a blessing when an expected deadline isn’t met. To settle down. To make your first million. To get in the university. To become a parent.

It’s a blessing that things didn’t happen sooner than you’d expect.

Delays are “downtimes” for you to utilise so that you could be better prepared.

Because ultimately God wants you to know that it is not by what you do, but by what He says – that love, mercy, and abundance enter into your life.

And failure is part of your training
Loneliness is part of your training
Rejection is part of your training
Disappointment is part of your training

You can’t learn to walk without tripping
Tripping is what teaches you how to walk.

You can’t learn how to love without disappointments. You can’t learn gratitude without loss. You can’t learn to appreciate abundance without lack. And you can’t learn companionship without lonely nights.

Delays can be painful. But they certainly are blessings through and through. Keep the faith while waiting.

But then I go to weddings and the whole internal struggle repeats itself. I know Allah has a better plan for us, that there are areas in which I can improve myself in like attending more religious classes, continue with Arabic classes, learn how to sew, be more patient and all that jazz. But I can’t help wondering why aren’t my prayers (to cepatkan the marriage) being answered? Astaghfirullah. 😦  And we felt it most last weekend. So after speaking to our soon-to-be-married friends (I will eternally be grateful to the both of you, you know who you are) over the past weekend, we felt more compelled to cepatkan the wedding because we know that getting married earlier would be the better option for us. “When you’re ready, it’s better not to delay something that is good for you,” said our dear friend. That’s when Z and I started to think through our decision. We also didn’t waste any time and proceeded to check our finances to see if it’s possible for us to bring forth the wedding. Alhamdulillah, we are right on track and inshaAllah we will continue to be so. We checked the calendar for suitable dates and decided that August and September would be just nice. We didn’t have any particular dates in mind as long as it was an earlier date. We both spoke to our parents for their approval and while my mom was initially quite apprehensive, she got to terms with it because mak mana tak gembira kan???

panic-quotes-1So our plan was simple – just ask our vendors for available dates in August and September 2017. I scrambled to email all our confirmed vendors and let me tell you this – first time in this whole wedding planning journey that I am this close to getting a panic  bridezilla attack. The anxiety and anticipation of getting a negative reply (or worse, none at all) from the vendors made me feel so SCARED. Most of our vendors replied within an hour max (except for some). After getting the dates from our vendors, we had to double check the calendar. While September is good, the first Saturday of September holidays (teacher woes!!!) coincides with Aidiladha and the days of Tashriq. The middle part of September is not a good time since I’ll be down with exams and marking. So the best time has got to be the weekend before September holidays since the last week of Term 3 will be a short one (Teachers’ Day / Hari Raya Haji holiday) which means I can utilise my marriage leave. A quick check with our vendors and everyone (even Akrab!!!) gave positive replies. So that’s it guys, our new date will be 26 August 2017, inshaAllah!

The only problem is I still have yet to get a reply from Nawwarah Bridal (major vendor) and Hurhur Paperie (not really major). I think I’ve sent multiple e-mails in my bridezilla mode but still no reply. Help me, everybody! T_T To comfort my panicky self, I’m telling myself that if ada rezeki, inshaAllah I get to have NB as my bridal. Also, I’m secretly bersyukur sangat-sangat because inshaAllah the du’a that I made while performing umrah will be granted soon. 🙂

It is really true what they say…


I hope you can make du’a for us that NB will be available for the new date and all the planning goes smoothly. Aameen!




Duckscarves Addiction!

Hi! I’m A and I’m a Duckscarves Addict!

Yup, you read that right. I love dUCkscarves and I cannot get enough of them. I don’t care if you’re gonna tell me (or speak behind me) that I spend too much money on just a piece of cloth that I can easily get from Geylang for $5 or that I only have one head so I don’t need to spend ludicrous amount of money on something just for modesty’s sake or that I base my happiness on something so material. Yes, because I just love it when I receive parcels with the now almost ubiquitous purple boxes (or when I’m lucky enough, the beautifully illustrated Limited Edition boxes), untying the ribbons and reading the postcards from D. And then when I get to put them on so nicely (and still with great coverage) because I’ve finally perfected the art of styling the duckscarves, I smile to myself because all these make me immensely happy. Even more so when I get to wear them to Badoque as seen below.

My favourite range of duckscarves other than their limited edition ones would be the Satin Silk ones. I also love the new versions of mixed crepe and georgette and can’t pick a favourite between the two. The materials are so soft yet very terletak when you’ve put them on. I love how the scarves are so carefully packed in their respective boxes, tied with a cute ribbon no less. I mean, can you imagine the amount of work goes into just packing them? It may sound like such a menial task at this day and age but D never fails to make it look so exciting through her Instagram page. Just look at their wonderful feed:

To date, I don’t know how many duckscarves I have collected since I gave away some of the basic boxes as gift boxes because they are taking so much space (read: The duck boxes make such cute gift boxes. If you’re feeling generous, the scarves themselves make such cute presents for your best girlfriend! 

I really hope that duck won’t be like one of those brands that will disappear after a while because gosh, I need to collect them all!! Hehehe. Coincidentally, it was their second birthday yesterday! 

Anyone else has a duck addition like me? 😍


Wait for me, Kolumpo!

I can finally take a little breather at work since it’s the exams period and I just need to get through the markings for now. Phewwww. As of now, I just can’t wait for the Vesak Day weekend because I’ll be heading to my favourite Malaysian city, KL ya’ll! It was decision that my friend, D, and I made, one night, in the spur of the moment. We booked our flights to and fro and the hotel that night itself! Hehe. I figured that I most probably won’t be traveling far out of Singapore (and to new countries) until our honeymoon and the short Hong Kong trip this coming November (for work purposes but it doesn’t count since I’ve been to HK). So short trips to Kolumpo will make up for it. Hehehe. I really can’t wait to……sleep in the hotel hahahaha. But here’s the reason why:


PULLMAN KLCC guyssss. Hehe I love Pullman hotels (with my favourite so far being the one we stayed in Makkah). And since the Pullman KLCC opened in mid-2015, they are relatively new. I really hope it’ll live up to it’s name and standard!

Other than that, I’m looking forward to eating at cafes, being the pretentious hipsters that most of us claim not to be. Hehehe.

Wait for me, Kolumpo!