The Decor Diaries Part 3: The One!

So I’ve not exactly blogged on why and how I chose Anggun Decor as the official decor vendor for the wedding at my side. I previously blogged in The Decor Diaries Part 1 and The Decor Diaries 2 regarding my decor dilemma. I mentioned how when it comes to decor, I place great importance on drapes and fresh flowers. Initially, I shortlisted ComelMolek and Anggun Decor before finally making my decision.

I decided on Anggun Decor simply because it’s THE ONLY wedding vendor I’ve had my eyes on since I started this whole wedding project. I mean, sure, I did like decor from other companies like Jentayu and even Mariah & Sham (they didn’t reply me!) since they offer bespoke wedding decor. There was even this one time when I e-mailed a Malaysian company because their decor is just amaaazing but when I got the quotation, kirim salam sudah.

Okay let me sidetrack a bit on these Malaysian wedding companies. I suspected long ago that these Malaysian vendors charge Singaporeans at such an exorbitant price, sometimes two to three times more of what they charge in Malaysia. To be sure of this, I e-mailed Vivy’s (step macam dah on first name basis but we met, kissed and hugged at a private event so yeah hehe) MUA, the one who’s all the rage now in Kolumpo, after a friend of mine emailed her and requested for her to come over to Singapore. The price ehhh, kalah Fatimah Mohsin and Nora Zee okay!!! Plus it’s in SGD and not inclusive of airfare and accommodation!! So when I emailed her, I decided to tell her I live in Bangsar  and she offered me a quote in Ringgit that is three times less what she quoted my friend. The same happened for the Malaysian decor company. Sigh, you all think we Singaporeans print money is it???? In fact, I can bet you your Malaysian customers are wayyyyy richer than us. T_T

Okay back to my Anggun Decor (AD) story. Despite other companies offering equally jaw-dropping wedding decor, I realised I keep coming back to Anggun. They may not update their IG as often as I’d like them to but it doesn’t really matter because somehow, my parents and I keep attending weddings by AD. So naturally, we tend to gravitate towards AD because we see their work first hand and  instantly fell in love over and over again. The best thing is that their office is in Bukit Batok which is veryyyyy near to my workplace. I am very pemalas so if wedding companies are located in the East, I usually just get Z to meet them or make an online agreement for deposit hehe. But since this is one of my major vendors, I HAVE to meet them. And we weren’t disappointed. Kak Nyta is very sweet and hospitable when my parents and I came for the appointment. I could see that my parents were already very comfortable with them and even though I’m the one paying for it, I find that it’s important for my parents to be senang hati also lah. I also caught a glimpse of the materials and items they used and they have quite a wide variety. I can’t wait!!!

Let me share some photos with you girls!


So pretty right? The first three are their Open Concept Dais (need to pay a little bit more) while the last is from their Basic Decor ( I think). I signed up for the Basic Decor Package first but I think I probably will top up to get the Open Concept Dais hehehehe. Oh and AD just did one recently at Begonia Ballroom and OHMYGOODNESS!!!! It’s so beautiful and just like a Malaysian wedding!


So lawa!!!!!! Hehehe I’m getting more impatient just by seeing all these pretty photos! What’s for sure – I know I made the right choice by getting AD and inshaAllah everything goes well!



The Photobooth Predicament Part 2

Wow! I finally made it to this post. I’ve so many backlogged posts SO imagine my horror when I found out that some of my drafts are gone – including the one I wrote on the Photobooth topic. It’s really like a double whammy for my since WordPress are up half of my previous post. Which is why I decided to cut the story short and present to you my choice of vendor for Photobooth… The winner goes to….




Yes!!! I instantly fell in love with this very backdrop. I know it’s probably going to be out of style next year since we still have got a long way to go… But who cares???? Hahaha. I will probably change my mind but it’s okay since the package I signed up for includes a customized backdrop. It is however for 5 hours and while I would love to have them for the whole reception I think, no need laaaa… My initial concern was that nanti pengantin tak dapat bergambar at Photobooth but I realized it’s not a problem since we can take before we leave for Z’s side anyway. So yay!!!! I am very puas hati just by looking at their photos and I really hope I get to attend a wedding with them around! Hehehe.

And good thing is, I didn’t have to give up my previous package with Pixclique since I decided to give it to Z as a present since I know Z is really the fuss-free type of person when it comes to all these miscellaneous stuff. He wanted a Photobooth but he’s also not bothered about finding one so I might as well give mine to him. Not much of changes to be made to the booking anyway! Bride and groom masih sama! Hehe.

I’ll be updating on my chosen decor vendor soon, inshaAllah! The draft has been in the system since early this year! Such a procrastinator I am! Till then!