The Perfect Venue Part 1

So, I’m not sure if any of you read the papers recently but this certain article caught my attention.

Malay couples paying more for alternative wedding venues

Malay couples are increasingly moving away from the traditional wedding ceremony at void decks and holding them at private venues, even if that means paying more.

Wedding planners catering to Malay marriages told The Sunday Times that about 30 per cent of their clients are now having their weddings at community clubs, country clubs or function halls.

It was less than 10 per cent five years ago.

The Straits Times, 13 March 2016

Nothing new for most of us, of course. It’s no longer uncommon to be attending Malay weddings held at venues such as community clubs, Hort Park and country clubs. Majority of these wedding venues come with a hefty price tag, especially if you were to compare with void decks. But of course, you pay for the services, facilities and ambience and if these things are what you’re looking for, it’s definitely not wrong. There are also venues that offer all-in-one packages at a steal and in my opinion, this works best for fuss-free couples. I’m still on the search for The Perfect Venue for my side of the reception so while I’m at it, I thought I should share some of the alternative and unique venues that my family, Z and I have looked into. For me, it is important that the venues are permanent, air-conditioned or not. I’m not exactly interested in outdoor weddings under a huge and temporary tent. So let’s look at my list of venues consisting of:

  1. Muslim Delights @ Luzerne
  2. Hort Park
  3. The Grassroots Club
  4. Begonia Ballroom
  5. The Joyden Hall
  6. Grand Marquee @ Alkaff Mansion (not available after Dec 2016)

All-in-one Wedding Venue: Muslim Delights @ Luzerne

When Z and I first started planning the wedding, we toyed with the idea of having the wedding reception at Muslim Delights @ Luzerne. I first fell in love with the venue when I found out it’s THE venue that Taufik Batisah held his wedding. the venue consists of indoor and outdoor function halls and can fit quite a number of tables. They also provide changing room, a room for resting (with beds!), toilets and prayer room. The dais is also not too shabby and quite to my liking. Best of all, we don’t even have to rent tiffany chairs since they are included in the package. We also felt that it was a great venue for combined weddings especially for us since it’s basically in between our houses. But in the end, we decided to give the venue a miss despite the reasonable package offered to us because our families preferred to have separate wedding functions. There are other wedding venues you can look into if you are looking for a fuss-free wedding. They are Charisma D’venue (for an intimate wedding dinner reception), The Orange Ballroom, Muslim Delights at The Grassroots Club and The Ballroom by AB Shaik. Oh, Muslim Delights also has another in-house venue at The Grassroots Club and the prices are slightly lower than that of Luzerne’s but the venue is just as beautiful! ūüôā

Slightly More Atas Than A Community Centre’s MPH: Hort Park MPH


Credit: HOST Weddings & Events

If you are a fan of garden-themed weddings, that the function hall at Hort Park has got to be the venue for you. I attended a friend’s wedding here and except for the location, I thought it’s a beautiful place to have a wedding. I shared with my parents how beautiful the venue was and they were initially interested in the idea of having the wedding in a garden as well. The rental of the venue was not bad (I won’t say affordable because that’s subjective) for something that’s out of the ordinary. You can easily find the rates here. Don’t you love it when companies and organisations upload their rental rates or package prices online, readily available for us netizens? I don’t really enjoy emailing neither do I enjoy making phone calls so I greatly appreciate little things like this. Hehe. A thing to not is that they don’t allow cooking on-site so there’ll be additional logistic charges you need to pay to your caterer. Anyway, in the end, my parents decided against the venue because they must have the venue at Woodlands because we live in Woodlands. Ok. Can.

Slightly More Atas Than A Community Centre’s MPH: The Grassroots Club MPH


When I saw this photo, I went O-M-G. 36 tables you know!!! Your guests certainly don’t have to fight for tables especially during peak periods. And you still can have enough space for family members and loyal friends who stay the whole day at the wedding (hehe, guilty party here!) This venue is so spacious, so pretty and SO CONVENIENT. It’s right along the MRT track (YCK MRT Station) and there’s a sheltered walkway that links the MRT station all the way to The Grassroots Club. For a while I was set on getting the venue even though they don’t allow on-site cooking and it’s away from Woodlands but after thinking a hundred times, I think I’m not willing to let go such a huge sum of money just for the venue (it’s almost thrice that of a CC’s MPH!). I would rather spend it on the honeymoon or frilly things like a candy corner or teh tarik live station or maybe makeup, clothes and bags? Ya, I like to spend my money on frivolous things like that hahaha. But seriously, if you have a bit more money to spare, do have it at The Grassroots Club. I think it’s quite the perfect venue. The next perfect one would be The Begonia Ballroom but I’ll do a part two for this. So look out for the sequel! (No, WordPress didn’t cut my entry this time!)

P.S: I’m not sure if you girls noticed but I’ve succumbed to a dot com. I’m on now! I really do spend my money on frivolous things like this hahaha.


The Photobooth Predicament

It seems that planning this wedding has filled me with dilemma after dilemma. If it’s not decor, it’s berkat. If it’s not berkat, it’s live entertainment. This is probably due to me being very mata rambang and fickle-minded about what I want. Do you girls face the same problem too?

So the latest problem I had recently had something to do with Photobooth. I’ve already mentioned previously in¬†Almost Complete (Confessions of a Kiasu Bride)¬†that I’ve secured¬†Pixclique¬†as the photobooth vendor for my side of the wedding. I booked them around August last year because I thought their prices were quite reasonable. I also liked their photobooth system. When I was looking around for photobooth vendors, I had a few requirements¬†in mind. They are:

  1. Must be able to print photo strips with customised design (very important! I only wanted photo strips and nothing else.)
  2. Package includes unlimited printed photos for guests
  3. Minimum of 5 hours
  4. Pretty nice backdrop design
  5. Doesn’t cost more than $700

Wishing Wand

I was initially tertarik to¬†Wishing Wand¬†because who wouldn’t? I consider WW to be one of the premier photobooth vendors in Singapore. They are probably the Jentayu and Ishq of photobooths,¬†offering bespoke and wonderfully curated themes and photo booth designs. When I saw their photo strip bookmarks, I was SOLD.


Siapa yang tak berkenan, you tell me???

But alas, my hopes and dreams to have them shattered because…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Their prices exceeded my budget. I understand that for their service and quality, it’s quite a reasonable price to pay. But I wasn’t ready to pay that amount, so I had to say goodbye to WW. ūüė¶ I then encountered Fab.foto¬†from a colleague’s wedding and I thought hey, they are pretty good!


I inquired them on their packages and although the price they quoted me for a 6-hour service was slightly above budget, I thought it was not too bad until they clarified that the quotation was for single photo printing regardless of the number of guests in the photograph. I would have to pay extra to have multiple print-outs. I was disappointed, yet again. There is always the option of having the photobooth for a shorter period of time to accommodate to my budget but I was adamant that I will find The One. So I continued to search high and low until I chanced upon Pixclique one fine day.

They have photo strips. Check.


They can print unlimited photos for guests. Check. They have a¬†6-hour¬†package. Check. Their backdrop designs are pretty nice. Check. They fit my budget. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. They even have this pretty nifty contraption of their own that I thought is a reminiscent of the good old Neoprint days. Come, I show you…


It’s ingenious! Touch screen leh. Okay maybe there are other photobooth vendors incorporating the same technology but this is the first time I see such things so please allow me to be jakun. Hehe. I immediately deposited the money and for the most of last year and early¬†2016, I was pretty satisfied with my decision. Until I saw this particular photobooth vendor

Jeng jeng jeng… This is supposed to be a completed entry but since WordPress cut my entry I’m gonna continue with a sequel. Nantikan kesudahannya… Hahahah!