Help! DIY Wedding Cards?

Salam everyone! Just a quick entry because I need help! Where can I print A6/DL sized wedding invitations (which I have designed myself) in Singapore at a reasonable price and good quality? I don’t want to make a trip to JB! 😦 Also, if you know where to get hot stamping or foil printing services, that’ll be great as well!
Thank you in advance, lovelies! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Help! DIY Wedding Cards?

  1. Hello babe. You can check out Oneink Jet. They do printing at a reasonable price. You can email them for a quotation but one thing to take note is if they offer you for eg 40cents or higher, just say you have a friend who printed hers for abt 27cents.


  2. Tampines printing for fast job without the foil. UTS printing services if you’d like good quality printing and foil stamping. Price wise depends on quantity, paper type as well as amount of foil required. Have fun printing, babe! 🙂


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