Here’s a Quick One!

Hello, hello, hello! Hehe. I’ve been so caught up with packing my things at work (my school’s shifting) and attending weddings that I haven’t found the time to blog! I’ll make this a quick one with some updates.

  1. Decor booked! So who did I choose in the end? Make a guess! I’ll update on the decor in the next few entries, InshaAllah! (Clues: drapes and fresh flowers!)
  2. Photobooth booked! I know it’s a tad too early to be booking my photobooth vendor but I figured I wanted everything settled as early as possible to secure the good prices and my date. Anyways, my wedding, my way right? Hehe. (I was quite selective about this (what’s new?) because I wanted photostrips and a real booth-y feeling. Thank god I wasn’t crazy enough to be spending more than a thousand dollars on a photobooth even though the bookmark photostrips are gojesss.)
  3. Thinking of doing a DIY series on this blog since a really good friend of mine and I will be embarking on some sort of a DIY adventure for her upcoming wedding in 2016 InshaAllah. We talked about it briefly and we thought of DIY wedding shoes, money boxes, bridal rooms, gubahan trays, decor and whathaveyous. In fact, she was 1/3 of my Craftfairies for my engagement in September. She’s so crafty! Me, not so much. But I’ve got loads of fancy ideas! Hehe. Tell me what you girls think on this ya!
  4. I’ve finally designed the  invitation cards for my best friend from secondary school. She will be having a simple Solemnization ceremony soon and she (together with her fiancé) helped to take beautiful photos during The A to Z Engagement so I thought I wanted to do something nice for them. Will be posting photos of the designs InshaAllah and with that said, yes friends, you can start booking me to design your wedding cards! Hehe!
  5. I’m so unhappy with the service and treatment I got from Tampines Printing. Omg rude staff they have! To be honest, I don’t mind that they are a bit on the pricey end of the printing spectrum but for last minute printing jobs (and usually of quality from past experiences) I would always recommend my friends to print stuff here. And I’ve always had good experience with the staff until today. You DO NOT ask someone to change her design to fit your printing criteria. What sort of logic is that? Also, yes I know you guys print in 100s. But I’m sure you can print an extra 5 copies at an additional cost right??? Even if you can’t, there’s no reason to be acting so rude and sassy. Didn’t even bother saying thank you after paying because I was fuming mad. Astaghfirullah. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just a one off event that will not happen again. 

Okay that’s all for now! Gotta sleep in because it’s gonna be another day of packing like siao tomorrow!

Love, A.

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