Sweet Little Tooth of Mine

People who know me know that I have insatiable cravings for food. My cravings are usually random and specific. In the midst of marking karangan, I can suddenly crave for ayam panggang from NUS canteen. And no, a good ol’ meal consisting of grilled chicken and rice from Bagus won’t do. I must get the one from NUS. Kalah orang berbadan dua. Z gets very stressed out when I get my random cravings because we could be at Woodlands and suddenly I want prata from Saffrons. Hahaha. 

I hardly crave for sweet things though. While I do enjoy eating my desserts, it’s not something that I have to have or else… Which is why it is bugging me like crazy that I have been craving for Icecream, chocolates and cakes. I guess my sweet tooth is finally making an appearance and recently, I’ve been craving for ice cream mochi. OMG I love mochi and I totally borong mochi when I was in Taiwan because those sweet little squishy balls, densely packed with calories, are heavenly. So when Z and I happened to walk by Kane Mochi, I couldn’t resist myself. 

Hehe I was such a happy goober having bought those squishy balls of mochi. (And I guess you can finally put a face to my Theklumsybride moniker hehe.) We had Thai Iced Tea, Strawberry and Chocolate flavoured mochi and I couldn’t pick a favourite because I loved them all!!!! 

Can I have some mochis at my wedding please? I guess it’s a good thing that we got Puteri as our wedding caterer since they are so generous with their desserts! I shall make a mental note to remind Fariq from Puteri to prepare lotsa desserts for Z and I on our wedding day! Hehe. 

Oh these mochis are halal certified from a Thai Islamic organization. There’s a certificate at the shop you can look through it if you want to know more!

Can I have more mochis please? 😍

Love, A

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