Ideal or Practical Wedding?

Hello, everyone and Salam Aidiladha! May the remaining days of Tashreeq be blessed with ibadah, happy eating and remembrance of Allah, inshaAllah! Aameen!

Many of you would probably be aware by now of the closure of primary and secondary schools today due to worsening haze condition on the evening of 24th September. I was of course, overjoyed when I first saw the news. It was only much later when logic creeped into my mind and I realised, I NEED TO FINISH REVISION WITH MY STUDENTS AND I STILL NEED TO FINISH ORAL. And no guys, we teachers still had to work and there’s just so much administrative stuff that needed (and still needs) to be settled. Now, whoever said teachers have it easy? :p

But that’s besides the point. What I really wanted to blog about was the shock I was greeted with when my dear father cooly said to me this evening that he wants a live band performing traditional music for the wedding. Wait… What? A live band? Did I hear correctly? You know, I am starting to mishear things people say here and there. But just to be sure, I asked him again.

“Abah nak live band perform lagu Melayu asli.”

Yup, I wasn’t mistaken. My old man wants to have traditional Malay music performed by a live band, particularly Orkes Budi. Not that I have anything against that, really. I love traditional Malay music, especially zapin. And I wasn’t really thinking of how it would affect the wedding planning in the economic sense. (Of course I was worried laaa of the costs to be incurred.) Let me explain myself.

The first few times I envisioned my wedding was perhaps a few years ago. Wait of course not. A girl has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a toddler! Hehe. I had two versions of how I wanted my wedding. I have my ideal wedding (grand, fairytale, ala Mariah & Sham-esque) and I have my version of practical wedding which I grew to be so accustomed to that resulted in me brushing aside any thoughts of my ideal wedding. My idea of a practical wedding doesn’t need 1000 guests, nor does it involve any of the fancy frills and fanfare. I didn’t want any wang hantaran nor did I want any gift trays. And I nonchalantly said no to photo booths, live entertainment and all that jazz. Just a simple affair with music played from my own playlist of approved-songs, simple decor and nice-but-doesn’t-burn-the-pockets food, surrounded by family and friends. Senang cakap, a practical wedding won’t need all the unnecessary things la. Because what we want to focus on is the marriage and not the wedding right? Right? Which was why I was slightly apprehensive about having a live traditional band at my wedding.

However, since I started researching for vendors and watching wedding videos, my idea of an ideal wedding started to distort my vision of having a practical wedding. Z, having known me so well, even mentioned that “You can have your grand wedding.” Hahaha wah, this guy is good. But anyways, I have been so caught up with contacting vendors, thinking of the wedding (yes, a bit too early, but I very kiasu mah and most of the vendors I like only have a few slots left!) that I’m starting to forget what I told myself about unnecessary spending. I keep having to remind myself to go back to my intention and niyyat of getting married so that I won’t be swayed by the extra magic touch. But, it’s kinda hard, sometimes. You know? Does anybody experience the same conflicted emotions as me?

I did speak to my parents about the wedding finances and as much as I didn’t want to burden them, I didn’t want to disappoint them and come across as too hard-headed and rude as well. Every father would feel a great sense of responsibility over his children, especially his daughters and mine insisted on funding part of the wedding. I am grateful, of course but I just hope it’s not gonna cause any misunderstanding along the way, inshaAllah.

Anyways since I’m already on the topic of having a live band at my wedding, do you girls have any recommendations for a traditional live band other than Orkes Budi? My father insists on having Orkes Budi because he has watched them played live so if you have any reviews for them, it would be good too!  (I’ve included a video of Orkes Budi and I thought it was quite good! What do you think?) But, my father’s criteria  for a live band are as such:

  1. Not too noisy and messy
  2. Wear traditional clothes
  3. Perform fully traditional music with none in English
  4. Professional

And since my father wants a traditional live band kan, guess what sort of wedding do I want now? A traditional Malay wedding of course! Why not, kan? Just go along with it lah. Anyway I thought it was befitting of me as Malay Language teacher as well to have a traditional Malay wedding with some adat istiadat. 

The pursuit to save wherever I can is still ongoing, though. Don’t worry!


How I Got A New Address To My Name

Hello! I’m back after a short break. I haven’t had the time to update as my dad was hospitalised the whole of last week. Every day, I had to rush to the hospital once the school bell rang at 1.40 pm to accompany my dad. It was definitely a very trying and tiring week for us all and I cannot be anymore grateful for my family members, my friends and Z and his family who came to visit and offered their prayers. :’)

Also, have I mentioned that we now have a new address to our names? Hehe. Yes! We were finally called up for an appointment at HDB on Sunday and we have selected our unit. Alhamdulillah! So, I’ll finally be an eastie in 4-5 years’ time, inshaAllah. Can’t wait! I think I am an eastie at heart, hehe. It’s a bit sad to be leaving Woodlands though I’ll deal with that much later.

In other wedding/marriage related news, Z and I followed our friends to go for food tasting at Kebabs’n’Curries and a wedding held at Masjid Mujahidin. Will be writing a review on that soon! Meanwhile, let me go through my last week of teaching before exams start next week.


The A to Z Engagement (Part 2)

Hiiiii! I’m back and I decided to blog despite still feeling very sick. I figured if I didn’t do it any sooner, this update about the engagement will never see daylight. Hehe. Also, I have not been doing much since I’m sick and all cooped up at home since Z and I got engaged last Sunday. Poor me.

But before I go on about the engagement process, allow me to rant about my woes as a sick-baru-tunang-girl. I cannot believe I’ve been sick for 3 days since Sunday. I initially thought I was going to spend my days post-engagement happy as a bird. But no, apparently, I’ve been a sick bird for the past three days. Lucky for me though, it’s the September holidays (yes, yes, I’m a teacher. I think I’m slowly revealing my identity both knowingly and unknowingly so if you happen to know me, um, diam-diam je lah eh. Hehe.) so I thought I could save some money from visiting the doctor and just take in whatever medications I have at home. Lo and behold, I got a message from my ARO (whatever that means) that I’m deployed for the big Singapore event ahead. I was groggy when I read the message but I thought it was not possible since I was not sent for training although I’m a reserve. So, after snoozing for a good 20 minutes, I read the message again (yup, it was there alright). I informed my ARO of my predicament and while they have found a replacement for me, I now need to go to the clinic just in case. But then again, I’m not feeling any better and my fever seems to not be going away so I better go to the clinic. Ah well, Okay enough about my sick self.

So where was I? Oh yes, The A to Z Engagement. So up till last Saturday, I was still not done with many things. Inilah parahnya nak buat semua secara D-I-Y. Z and I were all over Tampines to run some errands like printing the dulang tags, buying flowers and entertaining me (hehe). After satisfying my craving for good ol’ prata and sambal from Saffrons (I love that place), we rushed to get flowers from GG Flowers. We came just in time before the delivery man drove off and managed to get the flowers delivered to my place in Woodlands. All I could think then was Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah. I wouldn’t want to carry so many flowers in 168 from Tampines all the way to Woodlands, y’know? We then proceeded to Century Square to print the label tags. Here’s the thing – I thought I own a pretty good laser printer and didn’t need to send the tags for printing but my pretty good laser printer ran out of ink the colours turned out pale and ugly. I also realised I forgot to combine them tags into an A3 or A4 canvas. I initially wanted to go to Sunshine Plaza, the holy grail of printing all printing services but I didn’t want to be running all over Singapore just for this and thought it was best to go for convenience and quality. As such, I chose Tampines Printing Services as I’ve engaged their services back then in my undergrad days. It’s slightly more pricey but the good quality (and service) is undeniable. That’s not all though. I still had to finish up the bunga rampai cones, hand-tied bouquet, gift trays and clean my room so Z and I couldn’t really spend much time on Saturday. 😦 I left him to run his own errands and have some time with his friends (maklumlah, dah nak jadi tunang orang hehe). 


Fruit basket for Z

Sunday saw me jolting out of bed early to finish up the fruit basket with my mother. I must say, we did a pretty good job! My father and brother, assisted by my cousin, drove over to CCK to collect the cakes and gubahan for gift trays while food from Aspirasi Catering arrived on the dot at 11.30 am. My craft fairies arrived around 11 am to help me with my room’s decor and gift trays and by 1 pm I had to drag myself to get ready and do my makeup. I decided not to get any MUA as I didn’t want anything too overwhelming. I think I did a pretty good job, but not without some help of course. My friend, who is also Z’s friend’s fiancée helped with the eye makeup because I’m hopeless when it comes to eye makeup hehe. After that, all I could remember was taking too many photos and not being able to sit still. I wasn’t nervous. I just cannot sit still. Hehe. The discussion between the two families happened really quickly because before I knew it, the cincin was on its way to my room. I thought, wow. So much fuss and preparation for something that happened and ended so quickly. Is that how our wedding will be, too? :/

However, I do remember how my friends were such sweethearts offering help, advice and words of encouragement. I remember how my friend, A (together with her fiance) sacrificed their Sunday to take photos for me. I also cannot be more thankful for the pulut kuning, berkat for kids, fruits, food and cake which my aunts, uncles and cousins gave us for the event. I remember how my mother ran here and there to buy things for the event to make sure that it will be complete and sempurna. I remember how my father agreed to all my whims and fancies and quietly supported me since Day 1. I cannot deny how sweet of my sister when she helped to clean up the house, entertain my friends and guests and kept took it all in when I went on a panic frenzy. And I will never forget how Z was patiently by my side, coaxing me and all when I made a big fuss because I couldn’t complete the things I set out to do.

Really, alhamdulillah for everything and thank you, everyone for having been a part of The A to Z Engagement. 🙂 Now, let me show you more photos of the event. I was particularly in love with my room’s decor and my friends mentioned how it was just the right mix of sweet and dreamy. Hehe.

Flower pom-poms at my window!

Flower pom-poms for my backdrop. I added two more on the sides.

Paper pin wheels as backdrop and the brownies and cake for Z

Hydrangea, spray roses, Kenyan roses for my DIY bouquet

The details on my shawl hehe

One of my Craft fairy did the design on the chalkboard for me and I love it!

I hope these pictures are enough! Hehe. I really like how everything was simple and in order, alhamdulillah! There were a few things which I was probably not too happy with but on hindsight, it didn’t matter much so I cannot be too bothered. Hehe. As of now, we have already started to e-mail a few vendors, mostly photographers and videographers. We have an appointment coming up with a photographer in October and I’m quite excited because both Z and I love the photos by this particular photographer! But on more serious note, our BTO selection is in about a week’s time and I hope we get the unit that we want! Pray for us okay!

Till the next update, inshaAllah!