Why I’m Not Cut Out for D-I-Y

Hello, it’s me again! I’ve been updating rather regularly, haven’t I? *pats myself on the back* However, today, I’m here bearing some bad news: I am not good at D-I-Y. No, in fact, I’m horrible at it. Remember how I said I wanted to D-I-Y a list of items for my engagement? I had so many plans and I bought so many materials but I just can’t Do-It-Myself for nuts. If you ask me to go crazy at a supplies store like Spotlight or Popular, I can deal with that. No, I’m actually good at wasting time and money buying supplies heve. But to actually execute my D-I-Y plans, na-uh. I just don’t have the patience and creativity for it. I usually end up frustrated and giving up because I just can’t things right. Whatever I started will eventually cease to see daylight ever again. On top of that, I have a short attention span. I get bored after a while and start to distract myself with other things. It’s really difficult for me. 😦

But enough of wallowing in self-pity, let me share with you the list of things I wanted to D-I-Y.

  • Fruit basket
  • Gift tray for Z’s watch
  • Tissue paper flower pompoms as a backdrop for my makeshift photo booth at my balcony
  • Paper flower fans to add pop of colours in my room
  • Paper cones for bunga rampai
  • Ribbon garlands to put somewhere
  • A tiny desserts corner for the kuih-muih and brownies

The Inspiration

I’ve been stalking Pinterest and D-I-Y blogs for the longest time to search for ideas for my D-I-Y project. I roughly know what I wanted and I was pretty ambitious about it. I even watched tutorials on Youtube and thought that most of them were pretty easy to do. Plus, most blogs promised the manageability of the projects so I thought I could handle them all on my own. Boy, was I wrong about that. I cannot do so many things on my own. I just can’t.

Now, let me share with you what I had in mind.

Doily paper cone from Mazel Moments

Flower pompoms and honeycomb balls

Scattered Flowers Backdrop from Lovely Indeed

Ribbon garland from Southern Weddings

Hand tie floral bouquet with hydrangeas, roses, dahlias and spray roses from Aldena Frye

Mason jar wrapped with twine just because it’s pretty

These projects look simple enough right? Apparently not for me! Let’s see how I’ve fared so far…

My D-I-Y Project


Naturally, after seeing all the pretty D-I-Y projects I could do, I got very excited. I bought a few rolls of ribbons, twine and tissue/crepe paper from Minton Ribbons and made a trip to Daiso at IMM to get some plastic flowers and other miscellaneous stuff I don’t need from Daiso hehe. So far, I’ve only tried to decorate the basket for fruits. I got the basket from Xpressionflowers at Causeway Point for just $12.90 which is cheaper tHan the ones Z and I saw at Arab Street (those were about $15 – $22). I was so happy I found the basket at Causeway Point because firstly, I don’t have to lug it in the train and secondly, I’ve been delaying the purchase of basket for a while now.

image image

So I added the Daiso flowers but it still looks a bit bare  and I got bored and tired after some time so I left it at that. The flowers in the basket are actually my oversized flower brooches which I used to be a big fan of once upon a time. They have been hanging on a piece of twine near my dressing table as part of my room decor and finally, I have a use for them again. Apart for the basket, I did try making the tissue pompoms but it ended in the wastepaper basket and I did a trial hand tie floral bouquet but I wasn’t much of a fan of that.

Luckily for me, I have very trusty friends, who are my Craft Fairies (a name they gave  themselves hahaha) and they will be helping me out this Friday since it’s a holiday for me. Yay for holiday and yay for creative and crafty friends! Thank goodness! I almost thought I had to give up my dream of my own D-I-Y project due to my ineptitude at being crafty hehe. Actuallybeing a control freak, I might end up doing something and maybe, just maybe, I’ll end being very good at D-I-Y. Who knows?

In other engagement-related news, 6th September is drawing near. And I think I might actually be pretty chill (and excited) about it although I’m starting to get nervy. I asked Z about his feelings for our engagement and he too feels a mixture of excitement and nervousness. To be honest, we never thought this engagement was going to end up being (a rather) big affair. We wanted a simple one, with our immediate family members and no food catering and all that. Z doesn’t like the attention to be on him while I claim to not like attention, maybe slightly less than he does. But after we told our parents, I guess our wish to have it done simply has to be placed aside. It’s okay though. The silver lining is that we get to gather our family, friends and relatives together in one majlis and that’s pretty cool. I haven’t met some of my friends since our Raya gathering and I miss them. So, I sincerely cannot wait for this Sunday! InshaAllah everything goes well! Aamiin!

It’s time for bed now! I’ll probably update with my D-I-Y project before the engagement just to keep track of the progress. Have a good week, everyone! 🙂

Love, A

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Cut Out for D-I-Y

  1. OMG! We are so alike! I HAVE A THOUSAND AND ONE IDEAS! But to decide on 1 is so hard plus I too have short attention span. Lol so usually I count on my friends for opinion and they helped me to stay grounded and made sure i stick to 1 idea. Anyway, selamat bertunang!! 🙂 ALl the best later!


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