Wish I Had Known

This is going to be a lengthy post, but before I begin my post proper, I just wanted to direct your attention to my new header. Isn’t it pretty? I love pink and I love flowers (peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea, daisies, roses, you name it – I love them all!) which explains the design. I was finally able to find time to whip something up since I was already designing the tray tags for Z’s dulangs (the ones he is giving to me). I knew if I didn’t do it, this blog will probably go header-less for a long, long time. Heh.

So where was I… Oh, yes. I was just talking to Z and calling him my boyfriend when I was hit with the realisation that I will be boyfriendless in less than two weeks time. Of course it’s not a big thing considering that we’re only getting engaged but it’s still something quite overwhelming for us. I guess we never expected our engagement to happen so soon, but then again, Alhamdulillah. I don’t know how else to express my gratitude because if you were to ask me this time last year, I could not imagine myself getting engaged in 2015. But that’s probably a story for another entry!

What I really wanted to talk about is that I never thought planning this whole engagement event was going to be quite the headache. Wish I had known earlier… I thought I was pretty chill to begin with but who am I kidding, really? I’ve always been a control freak. Hehe. There have been minor disagreements here and there in the household but I’m glad we’ve been able to resolve our differences pretty fast. One thing I learn from this whole planning is that, be it your engagement or your wedding, it’s not going to be solely your event. I have to keep reminding myself that my parents, siblings, aunties and uncles have a say in this too. Being the first child in the family to get engaged also means that it’s something new for my parents and they must be excited and nervous too. My mom and I may have conflicting opinions but sometimes, I cannot expect to get everything to be done my way. What is for sure though, I am more than thankful that my parents are willing to offer more than just a helping hand in planning and managing this whole majlis. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

imageSomething else that is tunang-related, I finally collected the dulangs for the gift trays. I got them second-hand from Carousell (have I told you that I’m addicted to Carousell?) and the lady was sweet enough to throw in some extra dulangs at no additional price. (Looks like these dulangs will be passed down to my siblings when it’s their turn!) I’ll be DIY-ing my dulang but there’s nothing much to do since I’m borrowing some ready-made styrofoam bases from a friend and most of the food items for gubahan are already pre-packed and pre-designed. Let me share with you the items that I will be giving to Z. They are:

  1. SEIKO solar watch
  2. Cupcakes which my mom ordered from PerfectFrosting
  3. Buttercream cake from Thegreenspatula
  4. Talam Berlauk which my mom ordered from her FB contact
  5. My aunt’s famous pulut kuning (yay!)
  6. Brownies from Shubby Sweets Parlour
  7. Fruit basket

As you can see, nothing much to decorate except for the watch tray and fruit basket. I bought some ribbons for this purpose and I went crazy buying ribbons from Minton Ribbons at Arab Street. I love ribbons! I also bought coloured tissue because my angan-angan was to make flower pom poms and hang it up in my room to add some colour. I will also be DIY-ing the bunga rampai casing and get this, my bouquet. Yes, a freaking fresh flower hand tied bouquet. I’m not sure how I’m going to find the time to do all this but I’m happy I have friends who are such angels! They have offered to help me out in getting things in order, for a lot of thing such as photographing the whole event, helping out with the DIY stuff, help to run errands for me, baking the gubahan cake and just hearing me out as I talk about the engagement. All I can say is, Alhamdulillah . If any of you are reading this, I just want you girls to know that I love you lillahi ta’ala. Oh and my sister too lahh for being such a sweetheart and helping me with designing some stuff.

And before I go (my Macbook is dangerously running on 5% battery power now…hehe), I’m also happy that we are able to get Aspirasi Catering for the catered food. They are so easy to communicate with and they are very helpful and prompt in their replies. All that’s left is gobble up the yummy food on the 6th of September! Hehe.

Okay I should go now. I’ll be back soon!

Love, A

5 thoughts on “Wish I Had Known

  1. Hi babe! May your engagement prep runs smoothly for you, Aamiin. This is just beginning babe, there are moreee cabaran to go! Heh. Happy DIY-ing your gubahan!


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