What a Klutz!

Phew! I survived my first entry and here I am doing a celebratory dance! (Kidding, I’m typing this while on the MRT. How convenient are smart phones??) Well, the reason why I said “survive” is because I have major issues with anything that requires me to religiously spend time on. That’s why I don’t have a particular hobby. I have many interests here and there but after awhile I end up putting it aside, in my treasure trove of forgotten semangat dua minithangat-hangat tahi ayam hobbies.

Oopsy, daisy!That’s besides the point. The point is, I wanted to blog about the reason behind the chosen blog name. So why Ourklumsyride? Well, being very macam paham, I, of course, wanted something funny, something that shows I am a witty person although I am actually faaaar from that. So I thought of “The Klumsy Apprentice” initially because firstly, I’m a huge klutz. Trust me, I cannot go a day without tripping over myself, or dropping things through my butterfingers. Z likes to make fun of my clumsy self but it has now become a norm for him that he doesn’t laugh at me anymore when it happens. Say, whaaat? I was of course hurt that he didn’t find it funny (but whenever he laughs at me, I will be annoyed. Girls are complicated like that. Heh!). Secondly, I decided on apprentice because well, I’m only starting on this journey so you can say I’m somewhat a beginner, but that would apply to all BTBs, right? So I suggested the name to Z and I guess he was feeling it because he said “Yes! Something along the witty line!” (See, he is just as macam paham as me!) So we brainstormed further until we got The Klumsy Bride and somehow from there, Z suggested Ourklumsyride to which I thought was spot on since I wanted this blog to be about us and not just about me. Also, since Z rides, it makes the name more apt!

So there you go! Ourklumsyride presenting the future klumsy bride and the g(V)room (a groom that rides a bike, get it?) Hehehehe. Let’s just hope I won’t trip or fall on my big day! Now, what’s exactly in store for the both of us? Well, it’s 12 days to our engagement and I think I’m already showing signs of a bridezilla. I have to keep telling myself to just chiiiiilllll, dude. More on the engagement later, I’ve got to go!

Love, A

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