The Photobooth Predicament

It seems that planning this wedding has filled me with dilemma after dilemma. If it’s not decor, it’s berkat. If it’s not berkat, it’s live entertainment. This is probably due to me being very mata rambang and fickle-minded about what I want. Do you girls face the same problem too?

So the latest problem I had recently had something to do with Photobooth. I’ve already mentioned previously in Almost Complete (Confessions of a Kiasu Bride) that I’ve secured Pixclique as the photobooth vendor for my side of the wedding. I booked them around August last year because I thought their prices were quite reasonable. I also liked their photobooth system. When I was looking around for photobooth vendors, I had a few requirements in mind. They are:

  1. Must be able to print photo strips with customised design (very important! I only wanted photo strips and nothing else.)
  2. Package includes unlimited printed photos for guests
  3. Minimum of 5 hours
  4. Pretty nice backdrop design
  5. Doesn’t cost more than $700

Wishing Wand

I was initially tertarik to Wishing Wand because who wouldn’t? I consider WW to be one of the premier photobooth vendors in Singapore. They are probably the Jentayu and Ishq of photobooths, offering bespoke and wonderfully curated themes and photo booth designs. When I saw their photo strip bookmarks, I was SOLD.


Siapa yang tak berkenan, you tell me???

But alas, my hopes and dreams to have them shattered because…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Their prices exceeded my budget. I understand that for their service and quality, it’s quite a reasonable price to pay. But I wasn’t ready to pay that amount, so I had to say goodbye to WW. 😦 I then encountered Fab.foto from a colleague’s wedding and I thought hey, they are pretty good!


I inquired them on their packages and although the price they quoted me for a 6-hour service was slightly above budget, I thought it was not too bad until they clarified that the quotation was for single photo printing regardless of the number of guests in the photograph. I would have to pay extra to have multiple print-outs. I was disappointed, yet again. There is always the option of having the photobooth for a shorter period of time to accommodate to my budget but I was adamant that I will find The One. So I continued to search high and low until I chanced upon Pixclique one fine day.

They have photo strips. Check.


They can print unlimited photos for guests. Check. They have a 6-hour package. Check. Their backdrop designs are pretty nice. Check. They fit my budget. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. They even have this pretty nifty contraption of their own that I thought is a reminiscent of the good old Neoprint days. Come, I show you…


It’s ingenious! Touch screen leh. Okay maybe there are other photobooth vendors incorporating the same technology but this is the first time I see such things so please allow me to be jakun. Hehe. I immediately deposited the money and for the most of last year and early 2016, I was pretty satisfied with my decision. Until I saw this particular photobooth vendor

Jeng jeng jeng… This is supposed to be a completed entry but since WordPress cut my entry I’m gonna continue with a sequel. Nantikan kesudahannya… Hahahah!



8 thoughts on “The Photobooth Predicament

    • Yeah especially when I type it on my phone. Dah lah sakit jari jemari menaip ye. Hahaha. My friends had a DIY photobooth with no print outs! Basically it’s just a backdrop with some DIY props, and guests just go there to take nice photos on their own phones/camera. Not bad an idea too!


      • babe, so sorry! this is so maha lambat but I’ve been off wordpress for a few months 😦 anyway, i was referring to s.napap.ictures.ervs hahahah but then i saw you chose hurhur already heh so happy for you. and hello fellow teacher! june holiday!! ❤


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