Can I Ask A Favour Of You? 

When I first saw updates about the PLATINUM Luxe Wedding 2016, I wasn’t so interested to attend knowing that both Z and I have more or less secured our vendors. And I know it’s also not Z’s cup of tea to attend a luxury wedding showcase (I was right). However, we went in the end as I wanted to meet the vendor who will be working on the wedding favors for my side of the reception – TWC Inspirations.

So I booked TWC based on my mom’s advice. She fell in love with their favors – especially the tinned chocolates. She wanted them and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Trust me, I tried to convince her to give honey in a jar as wedding favors (even backing up with the fact that honey is a Sunnah food) and she gave a flat no. Well, secretly, I wanted TWC as well which was why I decided to make a deposit recently with them. However, had no opportunity to meet them. It was such a great risk on my part to be doing so since it was 50% deposit, and quite a large sum of money it was!

It was TWC themselves who recommended for us to meet during the event and I thought this was a good time for us to meet them. Now, allow me to sidetrack a bit – Z and I have always made it a point to have a physical meeting with the vendors we are engaging. Well, it’s more of Z and less of me. I’m really the super kanchiong one who will readily dispose of my money for deposit without a prior meeting or discussion with the vendor because (a) I really want them and (b) it is out of pure convenience. I mean, isn’t iBanking the most delightful thing to happen in the history of banking and technology? As for Z, he prefers the need to establish a client-vendor relationship the traditional way as it is more personal, regardless of the service rendered. (Shame on me really – I’m always the one who places the importance on the added personal touch and here he is reminding me to do the same when I don’t. May Allah bless him! Ameen!) And Z’s right of course, by establishing such connection through a meeting, we get to clarify our doubts and know a little bit more about the vendor.

So yes – after the meeting, we got a sample of the Tin box which I booked and can I just say how beautiful it is? I’m so excited to see how ours will turn out to be! *dreamy eyes* My mom certainly has such exquisite taste and Tak rugi dengar cakap Mak! I love how TWC places importance on customization without compromising on their quality. Even their bunga rampai holders have an added touch of grandeur with silk ribbons and what not. Let me share some photos with you girls, just in case some of you are looking for ideas on what to give out as favors.

Brownies in a customized box. This happened to be from a dear friend’s wedding. My family loves the brownies! It was also this favour that reaffirmed my mom’s interest in TWC.

Candy coated chocolates – how cute!

Bunga rampai cones – so elegant!

Very exclusive wedding invites – with matching envelope linings and all!

They even have laced eggs for bunga telur!

And this was the picture that got my mom (and me) interested. Hehe.

Of course I’ve been told I can DIY certain things but time is of the essence for me. I am greatly lacking in patience when it comes to this sort of thing though ambition I have. Being an educator, I really don’t have much time and I’m also lazy, I admit. Anyways, you know what’s even more awesome? TWC’s package includes delivery (they can even make multiple deliveries based on the needs and requirements of your family and event) so you don’t have to fork out extra money nor manpower for that. I don’t know about you girls, but that solves many things for my family and I!

Also, apart from favors, we even managed to secure our official wedding videographer during the showcase. No prizes for guessing who but more on that in another entry. As for now, I need to get back to my markings. I do however have a strong and burning urge to blog on a topic I’ve been thinking about lately and that is  “How to treat people who are helping you (i.e. Friends, families, bridesmaids and groomsmen) rightfully”. Actually it’s a topic that’s pretty universal and doesn’t only relate to weddings but, ah well.

Gotta go for now!




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