New Kid on the Blog


After much deliberation, I’ve finally made the decision to return to the amazing world of blogging which I’ve been trolling, ever so secretly. I toyed with the idea a bit at the beginning of the year, but was not so serious about actually having one. It was only recently, ever since I resumed stalking Brides-to-be (henceforth shall be known as BTBs) blogs, that I felt the itch to blog again. Blogging is not new to me, but it is something I have not done for ages (among many other things). I was Whatsapping Z over the weekend when I casually dropped the blogging idea and he seemed rather supportive. He even surprised me by suggesting that he might want to contribute. But with what, exactly? He nonchalantly replied, “With my jokes.” Well, that has got to wait for awhile, then. :p I must say though, I am ever so grateful to have Z because he even helped to brainstorm the blog’s name (this is a story for another entry). We really do work great together!

So what brings me here, you may ask. I might have dropped the hint earlier when I mentioned about reading BTBs blogs. Yup, just like every BTB I n the blogosphere, I’m here to document my journey into the world of wedding vendors, wedding gowns, bells and jitters. I’ve always been a Minah Kahwin-kahwin at heart and a part of me had always secretly wanted to do this. So I thought, why not? I also hope to gain insights from the experienced Kakak-kakak (and adik-adik!) Kahwin about matters pertaining to Malay weddings and the likes.

Most importantly though, I don’t intend for this blog to be a Wedding Planning blog solely, but also as a form of keepsake. I want to be able to relish reading my blog ten years down the road, remembering whatever Z and I have had to go through in our early years of being together. As I (not-so-gracefully) age, I have been noticing bouts of forgetfulness (the horror!) here and there and what better way to blatantly remind me of our journey than laying it out for the world to see? Hehe.

So hello world, I’m A, your resident klumsy bride (to be).

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